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Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important

Excerpt: As an adult, any minor dental issue could become a serious dental issue, and the serious issues may...
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Dental Checkups

Dental checkups should happen every 6 months, or twice a year at minmum. During the checkup, you will recieve a cleaning, fluoride treatment, and the dentist will inspect your teeth for any issues.

Dental Hygiene Quick Tips

  • Just two 3-5 minute sessions on your teeth per day is all it takes to have an adequate oral health routine.
  • Prevention is the best medicine, taking care of your teeth at home can save you thousands at the dentist.
  • For most checkups, generally, people only need to set 2 appointments per year to have a healthy mouth.

As an adult, any minor dental issue could become a serious dental issue, and the serious issues may become so serious you could lose a tooth. Just having an impeccable dental routine isn’t enough, you also need professional checkups. Make sure you have a dentist look at your teeth at least twice a year, this way you can potentially avoid a whole host of serious dental issues.


If you don’t think the dentist is worth going to because they never see anything wrong, instead of considering it a waste of time, think of it as an affirmation that you’re doing things correctly. For dental issues, no news is good news.

Why do I need regular checkups?

Plaque, Tartar, And Cavities

Even if you do manage to have a great oral health routine every day and you’re sure you’ve never missed a spot, it happens. If food stays in your teeth long enough it could promote decay and turn into plaque, plaque may eventually turn into tartar (calculus). Calculus is not good since you can’t clean it off your teeth at home. Tartar needs to be cleaned off your teeth by a dentist or dental hygienist.
If you need some extra motivation, a dental checkup is much cheaper and easier then getting your teeth scaled, filled or having your roots planed. White teeth are also considered much more appealing then decaying, stained teeth. It can make a big impact on others to have a healthy smile.
Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important - 1 - Smiles Dental Group

Gum Disease

Gum disease (gingivitis) commonly occurs because tooth decay has gone unchecked for too long. If you have too much plaque and tartar on your teeth it will cause your gums to swell, puff, recede, bleed and they may eventually loosen and cause teeth to fall out. If you are brushing or flossing your teeth at home and you notice bleeding occurring you should definitely check with your dentist as bleeding gums are always a bad thing.
Gum disease thankfully has quite a few warning signs before it becomes advanced, however, you may not be able to recognize these warning signs. That’s when your dentist will play a key role in prevention.
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Be aware of bad habits

If you never go to your dentist, you might never get asked if you’ve been flossing, and then you will probably rarely floss. Although if you go to the dentist and you do get asked this question, it well help you to remember the flossing. The feedback you get from your dentist can be crucial in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. They may even tell you that you need to focus on a specific area of your mouth more. This could be your molars because they are so far back in your mouth, or you may have an awkward appliance like a bridge or crown that might be more difficult to take care of.

When you receive feedback from your dentist, just remember to not take it personally. A great dentist will only want the best for you and your teeth. Try to listen to them and ask them more questions on things like flossing, brushing, or water picks in case you have some, they can definitely help you out!
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Regular X-rays can find hidden issues

Not dental issues are appear on the surface, you may have problems brewing where you can’t see them. Your gums and jaw can fall victim to: 

  • Bone decay
  • Swelling
  • Cysts
  • Tumors

These issues often can’t be seen with out an x-ray, assuming you don’t have an x-ray at home, the dental clinic is your best bet. Regular x-rays can keep track of these issues and monitor them if they are already prevalent.

Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important - 7 - Smiles Dental Group

Bite, lymph node, jaw health checks

The dentist doesn’t just look at your pearly whites, they will feel around your lymph nodes, check your bite, and make sure your jaw isn’t negatively impacted. For some dental issues, the symptoms might not begin directly in the mouth, for some infections, and possibly dental abscesses, you can actually feel pain in your jaw and neck. They will also check for tenderness, swelling, or any other signs that something may be a problem.
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Are Checkups Worth It?

They are absolutely worth the extra effort. Go to your dentist at least 1-2 times a year for annual checkups. On top of everything else, this will help to make sure that your oral health is being monitored, measured, and verified by a professional. If you have a good insurance plan, then the financial cost for checkups may be nothing.

It most likely will, however, it’s always better to clarify first with your provider beforehand.

It’s a good idea! There’s a lot of things that can go wrong even if you can’t see or feel them!

Yes! Your dentist isn’t there to be the first line of defense, that’s your job.

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