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General Dentistry Procedures

General Dental Procedures

Our dental clinics in Edmonton, and the surrounding communities are equipped to deal with every thing from general dentistry, emergency dentistry, and even genetic dentistry! Our comprehensive dental care will provide the best dental treatments for your oral health. You can come to us for virtually any dental procedure, including, but not limited to, dental crowns, teeth whitening, dental exams, root canal therapy, dental extractions, and more! We’re always accepting new patients, so if it’s your first dental appointment, we’re more than happy to book your appointment.

Let us handle all your dental Clinic needs!

Our dental team has an experienced team on hand including skilled general dentists that will expertly cover your oral health care needs. Our general dentists will do everything from fixing your dental emergency, to offering you advice on preventative dentistry, to children's dentistry!

We even offer direct billing our clients because we like to make your life easier!

The Most Common Dental Problems

There are quite a few dental issues that can occur even with a fairly healthy oral care routine and diet. Your mouth is a very...