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Our Dental Costs Vs. The Alberta Dental Fee Guide

Paying too much at the dentist?

Are you unhappy with how much your current dentist is charging you for your dental services? Going to the dental clinic for dental services shouldn’t be painful… for your mouth or your wallet. At Smiles Dental Group, our dental treatment fees are always below the Alberta Dental Fee Guide so you know you’re getting great value.

How Do We Set Our Dental Fees?

At Smiles Dental Group we are always below the Alberta Dental Association fee guide to give you the best value we possibly can. We want our patients to look forward to coming to our dental clinics. If you are interested in seeing what the official fee guidelines are, please see the Alberta fee guide.

What Is The Alberta Dental Fee Guide?

The Alberta Dental Fee Guide is a manual, issued by the Alberta Dental Association, that recommends the prices of every procedure. Dentists can go above or below these costs as they wish, based on their own needs of the practice. 

Do All Dental Clinics in Alberta Follow the Fee Guide?

No. More than 95% of clinics price their services at or above the Fee Guide. Since the Fee Guide is only a recommendation, the actual price you pay for dental care varies significantly across clinics.

This means you really could be paying more at one Edmonton clinic for example, than you would at another in the same neighborhood!

Does Smiles Dental Group Follow the Fee Guide?

We actually price below the Fee Guide! At Smiles, we believe you shouldn’t have to worry about whether you’re getting a good price or not. We know we have some of the lowest fees in Edmonton, and we’re not afraid to tell you about our fees.

Smiles keeps the cost of dentistry low, and makes it more affordable to get high-quality dental care for you and your family. We’re a family and locally-owned dental practice, so we understand the pressures of inflation on the average Albertan. That is why Smiles Dental Group was one of the first to participate in the Canadian Dental Care Plan for lower-income Canadians. We direct bill virtually ALL dental insurance plans, and most importantly we always maintain ALL of our fees BELOW the current Alberta Dental Fee Guide. 

Smiles Dental Group Fees Vs. Other Edmonton Dentists

Here are some Alberta Dental Fee Guides prices for common procedures. 

At Smiles, our dental fees are all lower than the guide since we believe in affordable, high-quality dental care.

If you want a cost for your specific situation, feel free to call our dental clinics.


Note: Green = Better Prices

ProcedureProcedure Code Smiles Dental Group95th Percentile - Alberta*Dental Fee Guide
New Patient Exam01103 $114.66 $137.66$116.66
Recall Exam01202 $69.67 $87.14$73.85
Panoramic X-Ray02601 $$99.96 $119.81$101.53
4 Bitewing X-Rays02144 $94.68 $118.42$100.36
2 Periapical X-Rays02112 $53.90 $64.43$54.60
3 Units of Scaling11113 $230.00 $284.26$240.90
1 Unit of Polish11101 $68.00 $84.42$71.54
Fluoride12112 $33.00 $40.90$34.66
Composite Molar Filling23321 $168.56 $207.00$175.42
Extraction - Simple71101 $150.92 $189.51$160.60
Crown - Porcelain Fused To Metal*27211 $950.00+ LAB fee $1164.51+ LAB fee$986.87 + LAB fee

*Based on an approximation of fees charged by the most expensive 5% of dental clinics in Alberta, which we estimate to be 18% above the fee guide
LAB Fee: a separate fee that is charged by the dental lab that makes the crown. At Smiles Dental Group, the average lab fee for a single crown is $420

Is The Dental Fee Guide Mandatory?

No! The guide is just that, a “guide” for dental costs. We choose to be below the dental fees guide so you know you’re getting great value for your money. The vast majority of dentists, (more than 95%, according to the Dental Health Survey) are all at or above the fee guides. This means Smiles is in the top ~3% of the lowest prices available in Edmonton!

Considering the numbers, there aren’t a lot of other dental businesses that can say that.