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Use These Simple Tips To Keep Cavities At Bay This Halloween

Halloween is one of the best and most fun times of the year. This is very true for parents. The joy of taking your bundle of joy trick-or-treating is great. But, long after the celebration of Halloween is over, your little ones will still have a number of candies. These candies can be harmful for the dental health of your kids, if you are not cautious. Here are a few tips you can use to keep cavities at bay in kids this Halloween.

Moderation: One of the best ways to prevent cavities is to not allow them to eat too many candies at once. Allow then to eat only a few pieces on Halloween night, but then you should stop them from eating candies after that. You can then limit them to eat a piece or two every day to avoid getting their teeth overloaded with sugar.

Use candy swap technique: As kids get overloaded with Halloween candies, you will have to deal with it for weeks if you don’t find tricks to get rid of some of it. One of the best tricks to lessen the amount of Halloween candy is to use the candy swap technique. You can ask your kids to swap a portion of their Halloween candy for a toy they want or by taking them to a museum or garden. You can also ask them to swap their candy for stickers.

Make them brush their teeth: As soon as your kids are done eating their candy, you should make them brush their teeth. This will prevent the cavity causing bacteria from developing on sugar. It is a nice idea to give your kid a new toothbrush in their Halloween bucket. A new toothbrush will excite them about brushing their teeth. You can also make them floss their teeth.

By following these tips, you will assist to prevent cavities this Halloween. To ensure perfect oral health of your little one, you can schedule a dental appointment in November to make sure the candy has not harmed teeth of your little one.

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Beat your dental anxiety and ensure perfect oral health

Dental anxiety is common. Millions of people fear visiting a dentist. Dental phobia is actually very common, so if you also suffer from dental phobia, then certainly you are not alone. People suffering from dental phobia miss their dental appointments. Though, this phobia in itself is quite harmless but the problem with this is that without regular dental care the problem with your teeth will not become more severe. Usually, this fear starts in childhood, often due to a bad experience with a dentist. Say, you have been accidentally hurt by a dentist when you were very young or due to a visit to a dentist who has no knowledge or experience about treating kids.

Remember, the phobia is in your emotional and mental states and it can affect your health as well as looks.

Here we are listing, what you can do to lessen or overcome your fear of a dentist.

Look for dentist who specializes in treating people with dental anxiety. Such dentists usually treat their patients from a psychological point of view. In addition, several dentists use drugs to reduce anxiety. This works wonderfully for patients who can’t seem to get over their anxiety. Dentists use a variety of drugs and sedatives. You can easily get sedated before your dental procedure. Dentists usually give a mild sedative, in an IV or by breathing. The sedatives will assist you relax while allowing you to be awake during the procedure.

Moreover, if you want then dentist can customize the sedation according to your needs. Dentist can also give you a sedation that will make you fall asleep during the procedure. Sedation dentistry actually works miraculously for individuals who fear the dentist or suffer from dental anxiety. Talk to your dentist about your fears, there is nothing to be ashamed of, because you are not alone; there are millions of people who have the fear of the dentist.

Also, when looking for a dentist, make sure you find someone who is experienced, skilled and trustworthy. By knowing more about their patients and reading their reviews you can know what type of services you can expect from them. Also, try to find a dental clinic that provides comprehensive services, so, you don’t have to search for a different dentist for different oral and dental problems.

Smiles Dental Group specializes in sedation dentistry as well as treating patients with dental anxiety. With years of experience and a team of qualified dentists, we know exactly how to treat our patient to ensure his comfort as well as proper oral health. Feel, free to drop us a line to schedule an appointment.