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Tips for Healthy Teeth

For best health of Teeth and Gums, many dentists suggest that you should brush your teeth twice daily and it should be followed by flossing. Due to the hectic lifestyles, many people fail to follow this simple regime and then face dental problems. Maintaining a proper oral care is as important as maintaining a proper health. The dental care affects a lot on the overall health of a person and it should be taken seriously. Dentists recommend a dental checkup once in every six months to ensure right oral health. Here are some Tips for healthy teeth.

  1. Brush your teeth

This is by far the most simplest and recommended tip for a right oral care. All people brush their teeth, but many of them don’t brush the teeth before going to bed. Same goes with the case flossing. If you are brushing your teeth between the meals then you will be having healthier gums. Flossing ensures that there are no food particles between your teeth that may later cause decaying. It is recommended that you brush your teeth before going to bed. Always brush your teeth from bottom to up and from up to bottom manner. Brushing techniques also plays a vital role in the overall good oral care. Never brush your teeth in a rough manner.

  1. Clean your tongue

After brushing the teeth, always clean your tongue. The tongue gets a layer of the food that you eat and it acts as a thriving ground for bacteria. To eliminate them, simply clean your tongue after every meal. You can use tongue cleaner for cleaning or you can use the same brush that you use to brush your teeth with. You can use a little quantity of the toothpaste while cleaning your tongue. A clean tongue eliminates odor from the mouth and makes you breathe fresh all day.

  1. Eat ‘Detergent’ foods

Don’t get surprised with the name here! There are some foods that act as detergents for the mouth. They clean the teeth and mouth while you eat them. The best example is the fruit apple. When you eat apple, its firm pulp helps you clean the particles between the teeth. Any fruit that has a firm pulp will always help you to clean the space between the teeth and the gums. Ensure that you are having less of a sugar intake. Sugar accelerates the bacteria activity in the mouth. So make sure your sugar intake is limited.

  1. Check your toothbrush

Always check your toothbrush for the condition every month. Worn our bristles may hurt your gums and cause bleeding. Many people keep on using the same toothbrush for months not realizing that a loosened bristled brush never cleans the teeth in a proper way. The dentists recommend changing the brush every 3 months for the best oral care. Always make sure that you are getting a brush that has soft bristles and you follow the right steps in brushing the teeth. Always buy the brush that is approved by the dental association.