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When Is A Tooth Abscess An Emergency

Excerpt: If you think you, or someone you know is experiencing a dental abscess, a dentist appointment should be arranged immediately.
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If you think you, or someone you know is experiencing a dental abscess, a dentist appointment should be arranged immediately. Tooth abscesses cannot be treated with out a dentist and they are an incredibly serious, painful condition you do not want to live with. If a dental abscess is left completely untreated it can even result in sepsis which can be fatal. Abscesses can also cause lots of symptoms including serious issues like a fever! They should not be left up to procrastination and should be treated immediately.

What Is A Tooth Abscess?

Tooth abscesses can be a pain in the neck… literally. If you think you have one, it’s important to call your dentist right away. Not only will they be able to treat it promptly, but they’ll also be able to prevent any serious dental problems from arising. If you’re in doubt, it’s always best to err on the side of caution and go see them. Tooth abscesses may be difficult to spot, so it’s important to be vigilant and take action if you think you might have one.

How is a dental abscess treated?

Abscesses are usually treated with a couple of different strategies, if the patient does not have coverage or a budget for it, however, the tooth will need to be extracted so the infection does not have a chance to spread. A tooth that has been critically infected cannot stay in the patient’s mouth, otherwise, it will lead to significant health issues. If the patient can afford it, root canal therapy and antibiotic therapy are the best ways to get rid of the infection while still keeping the original tooth structure. 

Drain The Abscess

If you’re experiencing a toothache, it’s best to see a dentist as soon as possible. Tooth abscesses are pus-filled cavities that need to be drained as soon as possible for the infection and pain to dissipate. A suction device (usually available at pharmacies or dental clinics) can do this effectively and quickly. If the abscess doesn’t drain on its own in a few days, it is most likely infected and needs professional care from your dentist. In such cases, over-the-counter painkillers or ibuprofen may help lessen the discomfort until you’ve seen a doctor.

Antibiotic Therapy

A tooth abscess can lead to other dental problems if left untreated, such as the need for root canal surgery or tooth extraction. Antibiotics will clear up the infection and ensure that the tooth is saved. Tooth abscesses are a medical emergency and should be treated as such – don’t try to self-treat them!

Root Canal

A root canal should be taken seriously if it is a true emergency. In the event that it is necessary, make sure to get it checked out by a dentist as soon as possible for dental abscesses can develop quite easily. Also, watch out for symptoms such as increased sensitivity to touch and pain when biting down on the tooth.

Tooth Extraction

If you experience a toothache or any dental emergency, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention. A tooth abscess is a very serious condition and can lead to further health complications if not dealt with in a timely manner. Tooth extraction is the most common dental procedure and it’s usually necessary when a tooth becomes infected, cavities develop, or the root canal treatment fails. Oral antibiotics will help clear the infection and remove the impacted tooth.

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Treatment Options For A Tooth Abscess

If you notice any of the following symptoms, it’s important to seek medical attention as soon as possible: pus, swelling, redness, or a fever. Treatment options for tooth abscesses vary depending on the severity of the abscess, but the general treatment guideline is antibiotics and pain relief. If the abscess is severe, surgery may be required. In the meantime, tooth abscesses are typically treated with antibiotics and pain relief. Be patient, and give the abscess a chance to heal on its own. If it doesn’t, then surgery may be necessary to remove the abscessed tooth.

Is A Tooth Abscess Considered A Dental Emergency?

Tooth abscesses can be a pain in the neck, and can often be easily treated with antibiotics if caught early enough. However, if you experience one of the following symptoms, it’s time to go see a dentist: severe pain, red swelling, pus drainage, or extreme swelling. In some cases, tooth abscesses can even cause tooth loss or toothache. So, if you’re experiencing any of the above-mentioned symptoms, see your dentist as soon as possible! And remember: prevention is key! Keep your teeth clean and healthy by visiting your dentist on a regular basis.


This blog should convince you to make an appointment for yourself if you’re experiencing an abscess, or if you have a friend who has one, they will need an appointment. If you experience dental anxiety (which is more common than you may think), it’s ok! There are solutions to this affliction, at Smiles Dental Group we do all we can to accommodate dental anxiety, including dental sedation! You won’t even know you’re being operated on while our dentists work their magic.

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