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Cosmetic Dentistry Solutions for Straight Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry can correct crooked or misaligned teeth. In the past, orthodontics was the only solution to major cosmetic problems, but with advances in cosmetic dentistry techniques, crowns, bonding, and veneers can correct many of these issues. Each treatment has advantages and disadvantages, and not all procedures are the best solution for every patient. Here’s a look at the advantages and disadvantages of some of the options.


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Braces have been the primary solution for crooked teeth for decades. There are many types, including both fixed and removable braces, used to correct such cosmetic issues as gaps, angled and protruding teeth, and problems causing uneven tooth wear. When your braces are removed, you must wear a retainer to keep your teeth in place.
Braces correct significant alignment problems without damaging the teeth. They’re temporarily cemented onto your teeth so you don’t lose enamel, tooth structure, or strength. It is the most permanent solution to many problems.
On the downside, braces are a lengthy treatment requiring many appointments to assess their progress. It does not protect against natural aging that causes bone loss, making your teeth spread apart again.

Bonding, Crowns, and Veneers

Dental bonding is a liquid material the dentist uses to fill in small gaps or to build up the edge of a tooth. Your dentist bonds crowns (false teeth) over broken, short or decayed teeth when you’ve damaged their surface, but the tooth is still intact and has healthy roots. They can also use veneers, which are thin layers of porcelain or tooth-like materials your dentist bonds to the front part of your tooth to improve the look of recessed teeth, cover damages or stains, and make teeth appear whiter. In any case, after the cosmetic work your dentist dries the bonding material with an ultraviolet light so it looks and functions like your natural teeth.
Bonding quickly fixes gaps and small imperfections, and with proper care, can stay forever. It uses an artificial material that doesn’t decay. Crowns are perfect for when only a few teeth have cosmetic problems. They don’t decay and can eliminate the need for more complex tooth replacements. Veneers are a quick way to restore many imperfections in only a few appointments.
Unfortunately, crowns, veneers, and bonding require the removal of healthy tooth enamel so they can adhere. Once your dentist removes part of your tooth or grinds it off, it’s gone forever; extensive cosmetic work can mean losing a lot of enamel, which makes your teeth weaker.
Crowns are susceptible to stress and can eventually come loose. Each time you replace a crown, you lose more of your tooth. To place veneers, your dentist must file the entire tooth surface to the gum line, which is uncomfortable. Bonding is effective at filling small gaps and imperfections, but looks unnatural when used on larger gaps.
Only a dentist can tell you which option is best for you. Bonding and veneers create what look like perfect teeth, but they don’t move your teeth into new positions. Braces align your teeth, but won’t fix chips or uneven surface wear. Your dentist must check your dental health and condition as well as your occlusion (bite alignment) to decide how successful a cosmetic procedure will be.
Dentists have many ways to make crooked, uneven, and misaligned teeth look straight. With all the cosmetic dentistry techniques available today, it’s possible to avoid braces and get straighter teeth in a few visits.

Cosmetic Dentistry Edmonton

Cosmetic Dentistry: Benefits That Can Be Helpful In Daily Lives of People

Dental health is very important and you must make sure that you have taken all the care and precautions for the good oral health. There are many people who don’t take the right care when it comes to the teeth and gums and they suffer from many dental problems from an early age. The main reason for these problems is the hectic lifestyle, where they tend to ignore healthy eating habits and this affect the health of the teeth and gums in the longer run. Due to this, many people have bad looking teeth or battered gums and this puts a dent in their self confidence too.

Taking into consideration the various factors that affect the dental help and makes you lose your confidence, you have an option to take the help of cosmetic dentistry. It not only helps you to correct many of the dental problems, but it also helps you to win back your lost confidence and smile. Here are some of the benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

1. It Can Correct Flaws

Using the cosmetic dentistry, you can correct many of the flaws that you may have in your teeth and gums. There are many children who are born with the defects in their gums that make their teeth look very bad when they smile. Thanks to the cosmetic dentistry procedures, it can be corrected using the latest techniques. Apart from correcting the the misaligned teeth, you also have an option to correct various concerns including stains, misshapen teeth, proportionately small teeth, chips, cracks, gapped teeth, ragged gum lines, and more.

2. It Makes You Look Younger

If you have badly formed teeth with stains then it will make you look much older and it may put a dent in the overall personality that you have. Thanks to the cosmetic dentistry procedure, now you have an option to get whiter teeth and this makes you look years younger.

3. It Can Give You A Boost In Your Career

There are many people out there who are not confident when it comes to their smile and who have discoloured teeth. When you feel more confident, you are more likely to take on greater responsibility and leadership. A healthy smile that is backed by a whiter looking teeth is sure to give you boost in your confidence when you greet people at the office.

4. It Prevents Dental Damage

When you get the help of the cosmetic dentistry procedures, then they also help you to prevent the further damage at the teeth. For example, misaligned teeth may cause a damage to the teeth that is right next to it and if you are going to get it corrected on time then you can prevent further wear on these already compromised areas.

Always make sure that you are getting all the procedure done at a good and reputed dentist. Along with the help of the cosmetic dentistry it is also recommended that you visit your dentist once in every 6 months.

Cosmetic Dentistry Edmonton

Find Out What A Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You

Your smile is considered as one of your most amazing facial features. Thus, if you have crooked, damaged or discolored teeth, the way you come across to other people can be affected. A damaged tooth can also affect your speaking and eating ability and it can also decrease your self confidence. You can forget about all your dental problems when you visit a cosmetic dentist. Here is what a cosmetic dentist can do for you:

Lengthens small teeth:

If you have small teeth and you think that they are affecting not only your looks but self-confidence, you can visit cosmetic dentist for a remedy. Dental veneers will be bonded to each tooth surface, changing the length and shape of each tooth. Your dentist will customize your veneers according to the size, shape and color of your teeth.

Straightens crooked or misaligned teeth:

Not everybody is born with perfectly aligned teeth. If you are one of those people and you are not happy with your teeth, then contact cosmetic dentist today. Cosmetic dentist can recommend braces. You can opt for the clear braces for greater comfort.

Restores damaged teeth:

The teeth are used for a number of purposes, thus they are prone to wear and tear. You can see the damages on your teeth when chips began to appear or there is discoloration or cracks. A cosmetic dentist can do a procedure like binding or he can also use porcelain veneers to cover the damage to enhance the look. If your teeth are highly damaged, dental crowns would be recommended. These will give natural looking teeth restoration which gives structure and support.

Reshapes teeth:

If some of your teeth have oddly shapes, too pointy, or are worn down, you can have them reshaped by a cosmetic dentist. Porcelain veneers are generally used as they as they are easy to customize.

Whitens teeth:

Today, tooth whitening is the most famous cosmetic dentistry procedure done today. You can also use DIY remedies, to get whiter teeth, but if you want instant results, zoom teeth whitening is the best procedure. Zoom teeth whitening is highly recommended as it is safer and lot effective. Cosmetic dentists provide various in-office or take home teeth whitening treatments for their clients to have stain free, brightened smiles.

Replaces missing teeth:

If you have lost one of more teeth, then you can restore your smile with the assistance of a cosmetic dentist. They can help you get a perfect set of teeth even if you have lost all your teeth. Different natural looking tooth restorations dental bridges, dental implants, and dental crowns can be used. These have different functions and cost so remember to discuss with your dentist about the best option for you.

A cosmetic dentist can provide different treatments to restore your teeth and to give you a brighter smile. Thus, when you want to get a captivating smile or your teeth to be restored, do visit Smiles Dental Group.

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Different types of cosmetic dentistry services

In recent years, cosmetic dentistry has become really popular, and there are a number of people who have found it of great help in improving their appearance and boosting their confidence. Today an array of procedures is available to choose from.

Any procedure that enhances the appearance of your teeth is considered cosmetic dentistry. Earlier, dental treatments only focused on the medical treatments like cavity fillings, root canal, extractions and more. But, now there is a huge demand in people wanting cosmetic dentistry to enhance the look of their smile.

Here we are listing some of the common types of cosmetic dentistry

Teeth whitening: Teeth whitening is one of the most popular and basic cosmetic procedure. As name suggests, it is a procedure to whiten teeth and improve your smile. Today, due to busier lives and changed lifestyle and eating and drinking method a lot many people feel the need to get their teeth cleaned and whitened. Several people strive for the white, brighter teeth like celebrities. Teeth whitening can be done in a number of different ways. Your dentist can assist you choose the best method for you. Usually, the procedure suggested depends on a lot of factors like the yellowness or the grayness of teeth, the reason behind the teeth discoloration and the results required. The results of teeth whitening can last from a few days to months and even year, depending on the chosen procedure and the aftercare.

Veneers: Some people don’t like the way their teeth look, because of the reasons like worn out edges, improper symmetry, gaps in between or more such reasons. Now, such people can get perfectly aligned, symmetrical teeth with the help of veneers. Dentist put veneers on over the teeth to give them a nice look. Veneers are contact lens thin pieces made of porcelain that go on the front of your teeth to correct the shape, size or shade. Veneers can also fix worn down teeth and chipped or broken teeth. There are several reasons why veneers can be helpful, and they are a nice option to beautify your smile. It is significant to talk with your dentist about how the veneers would affect your teeth, because the procedure can’t be reversed.

Filling replacement: An individual can replace fillings due to cosmetic or even medical reasons. Earlier, fillings used for cavities contained mercury. Now, it has been found out that those fillings can be really risky due to the toxicity they may cause. Thus, a number of people are getting their fillings replaced due to the health implications of having mercury present in their mouth. Another advantage of the filling replacements is that the older fillings were quite visible as they were silver in color. The new fillings are tooth colored, so nobody could found out that you have had the fillings.

Orthodontics: Wearing braces for straightening the teeth is considered as a type of cosmetic dentistry. Gone are the days when people had to wear metallic, unsightly braces. Today, dentists use invisible orthodontic braces to straighten your teeth. These are comfortable and make the whole experience comfortable and almost pain free.

teeth whitening myths

Top 4 Teeth Whitening Myths Busted

Teeth whitening is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure used to whiten or lighten the shade of the teeth. Every year thousands of people choose to get their teeth whitened. However, even today when teeth whitening procedures have become so popular, a lot of individuals doubt their effectiveness. But not everything you hear about teeth whitening is a fact, here we are busting top 5 teeth whitening myths.

Myth 1: Teeth whitening wrecks enamel of your tooth

Not really true. Teeth whitening products used by professionals mostly have Hydrogen Peroxide or Carbamide Peroxide as the key ingredients. Hydrogen Peroxide is a bleaching agent which on chemical reaction converts into water and releases an Oxygen molecule. It goes without saying that both oxygen and water are safe and essential components of our everyday lives. The oxygen particles penetrate the rough surface of your tooth and remove staining particles. The bleach hydrogen peroxide is not same as the bleach you use in your home that contains ammonia or other poor quality acid based tooth whitening products. In fact, our own body produces Hydrogen Peroxide naturally.

Myth 2: Teeth whitening is not safe

Not true. Cosmetic teeth whitening with Hydrogen Peroxide has been around for almost 100 years. Most reputed dentists all across the globe support tooth bleaching as a generally safe technique, when done correctly. Usually, professional suppliers of teeth whitening products give enough instructions for the safe use of the product. Risk and safety of tooth whitening is usually dependent on 2 key issues: contact of the gel to soft tissues of the lips or gums and tooth sensitivity. These risks can be minimized by using professional products. Moreover, the side effects experienced by professional teeth whitening are temporary.

Myth 3: All whitening gels are same

Not true. The two main professional gel options are Hydrogen Peroxide and Carbamide Peroxide. Carbamide Peroxide is comparatively slower and is recommended for overnight use or for use only with an Accelerator Light. There is a huge range in strength of whitening gels. The dentists use strongest whitening gels. The comparatively lesser stronger whitening gels are given to patients by the dentists to be used at home. The weakest gels are purchased over-the-counter.

Myth 4: Teeth whitening accelerator lights don’t work

Not always true. A number of studies show that the use of a professional accelerator light does accelerate the oxidation of teeth whitening gel. This is particularly true with Carbamide Peroxide based teeth whitening gels. However, not all accelerator lights are the same. Some dentists still use older technology lights. Some dentists use mini LED lights that are only toys and don’t have sufficient power to give any significant results.

procedures of cosmetic dentistry in Edmonton

Different procedures of cosmetic dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry doesn’t only deal with the teeth whitening. Today cosmetic dentist in Edmonton offer a huge array of cosmetic dentistry services to help you get healthy and shinning and captivating smile. Some of the very popular cosmetic dentistry services provided by dentists include:

Dental bonding: Bonding assists in improving how the teeth look, if they are stained, cracked, broken, chipped or have noticeable space between them. In dental bonding, enamel like composite resins is applied on the surface of tooth, molded into shape, hardened with a laser or ultraviolet light and then polished. The results unifies with the surrounding rest of the teeth and surrounding tooth structure, improving your smile. It is one of the easiest dental procedures and needs not more than one sitting. It is also used to fill small cavities.

Dental braces: Gone are the days when braces were uncomfortable, troublesome and gave unsightly appearance. Today, invisible braces are used to help you reposition your teeth. These braces are not only invisible but they are also extremely comfortable. They are removable, so you can easily clean and maintain your teeth and gums. Invisalign or invisible braces not only correct misshapen or crooked teeth, but they also assist in improving jaw joint disorders, irregular bite and the proper positioning of the jaw.

Dental Bridges: Bridges are used to replace missing tooth or teeth and to close a gap between the teeth. They are also termed as fixes partial dentures. Bridges make the routine task of eating, speaking etc. a lot easier as well as restore your smile. Today, dentists use state-of-the-art treatment procedure and tools, thus providing you artificial tooth or teeth that look no less than real. With proper oral care and hygiene they can last from 3-15 years.

Dental crowns: Dental crowns or caps are used to improve the aesthetics of your smile. The cap or crown is placed over a damaged tooth to restore its size, shape, appearance and strength. Caps are crown can be made of resin, ceramic, porcelain-fused-to-metal materials etc. They are really effective for people who have stained or broken teeth.

Dentures: These are removable artificial teeth that replace missing teeth and surrounding tissues of the teeth. There are two types of dentures: partial and complete. Complete dentures are used when all the teeth of top or bottom row are gone, while partial dentures are used where only a few teeth are missing.

Veneers: These are tooth colored, wafer thin pieces of porcelain that are bonded to the surface of the teeth. This treatment is recommended to repair chipped, broken, cracked teeth, as well as to change the color or shape of teeth. Veneers and bonding usually treat same the problems. However, this is a more affordable alternative. With proper care, veneers can last 15.20 years.

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