TMJ (TMD) Therapy in Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St. Albert & Edmonton

TMJ or TMDs stands for Tempromandibular Joint pain or Tempromandibular Dysfunctions. Symptoms include:

  1. Pain on opening the jaw.
  2. Inability to open the jaw wide or move from side to side comfortably
  3. Neck and shoulder pain.
  4. Ear pain, hearing loss.
  5. Ringing in the ears.
  6. Clenching, night grinding.
  7. Chronic fatigue.
  8. Noise, grating or popping in joint.
  9. Chronic Temporal or occipital headache.

Symptoms of Tempromandibular Dysfunction can misguide you regarding the exact cause of the pain. Recurrent headaches and earaches can lead a person to believe otherwise. In fact TMD is responsible for a pain not only in the jaw bones but also the surrounding facial area, ears and head.

TMD can be exacerbated by multiple reasons like teeth grinding, habitual gum chewing, and previous injury to the jaw and even be elevated due to stress. Malocclusion or misalignment of teeth (hereditary or developmental) can also contribute to TMD.

Due to its multi-factorial nature, treatment of TMD may require the help of other medical professionals like chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, cranio-mandibular specialist etc. Make an appointment at our clinic if you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above.

Smiles Dental Group is equipped with:

-3D CBCT (cone beam computerized tomography).

-EMG (Electromyography)

-TENS (Transcutaneous Neural Stimulation)

…to help diagnose and treat TMD.

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