Teeth Whitening in Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St. Albert & Edmonton

A bright white smile makes a great first impression. Book an appointment with our dental professionals at Smiles Dental Group to achieve help achieve a brighter smile!

Most of us want the sparkling glow of youth and health that is reflected in a bright, white smile. But during the course of our lives, our teeth are stained and discolored. This can be a direct result of our habits like smoking, chewing tobacco, tea/coffee drinking and poor maintenance of oral hygiene – which can all cause the staining of teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry has developed techniques and procedures to safely and quickly return and enhance the brightness of your smile. Modern dentistry offers teeth whitening solutions to bring back the pearly glow of your teeth. At Smiles Dental Group in Spruce Grove, Sherwood Park, Terrace Plaza in Edmonton and St. Albert, we provide several options to polish and whiten your teeth. You can either visit our clinic to receive in-office whitening services from our dental team, or consult our general dentists for fabrication and advice regarding the best use of at-home custom teeth whitening kits.




Our teeth whitening procedures are ideal for people who have unrestored and healthy teeth and gums, but the teeth are dull and discolored. Whether you have discolored teeth because of your lifestyle or due to any other reason, we at Smiles Dental Group can whiten your teeth using the effective in-office or take-home treatments to brighten your smile.

The popularity of our teeth whitening procedure in Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St. Albert & Edmonton is evident to many of our patients. Depending on the severity of discoloration and your overall oral health, our general dentists will recommend the most suitable and appropriate treatment system to help ensure noticeably whiter teeth.

Here at Smiles Dental Group, we understand the importance of the appearance of white and healthy teeth.

Teeth whitening procedures can:

Corrects mottled, yellow and brown tooth staining

Effective on people of most ages

Can be a solution for a “dull” smile, restoring brightness and making a smile more captivating

So, don’t let those dull and yellowish teeth stop you from smiling, visit Smiles Dental Group today to get whiter and brighter teeth and keep smiling.