Tooth Extractions in Sherwood Park, Spruce Grove, St. Albert & Edmonton

Dental extractions are the last resort in many cases.

In some cases, when dental pain is unbearable, or there is dental infection, or if the tooth is irreversibly damaged by tooth decay or trauma you may require a dental extraction. Extremely decayed or fractured tooth also need to be removed. Dental extractions may also be recommended in orthodontic cases or to facilitate denture treatment.

At Smiles Dental Group, the procedure for extracting a tooth is carried out in the controlled environment of a clinic, with appropriate safety measures and sterilized instruments , so as to minimize the risk of any post-operative infections. We prioritize your dental safety and our doctors will guide you regarding the measures to be taken after the extraction.


When dental extraction is necessary?

If your teeth are irreversibly damaged by decay or trauma

If you have a severe infection that can’t be resolved by root canal treatment

Tooth impaction.

You are getting braces and need to remove teeth that are crowding others

Wisdom teeth that usually come in during your teens or 20s may need to be extracted if causing pain, infected or decayed.