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Emergency Services dental clinic

Our emergency services dental clinic in Edmonton takes care of dental issues that are causing severe pain, or need to be fixed immediately to prevent further complications. We are open 24/7-365 days a year so we can serve you anytime you need our help.

Do you have a 24hr Emergency Dental Clinic?

Yes we do! We have a 24/7, 365 day per year clinic at our Calgary South Trail location. It's open all year round so we can be there whenever you need us to be. If you call to book an appointment we will do our absolute best to get you in so we can fix your emergency as soon as possible.

If you are interested you can read all about our emergency dental clinic.

Emergency Dental clinic Situations

What are the most common dental emergencies? Some of the issues listed below happen regularly and need to get treated as soon as possible. Many severe circumstances can occur if you go without treatment including, pain, infection, loss of the tooth (or other oral structures), fevers, and in some extreme cases even death.

If your teeth become loose it can be considered an emergency situation. If you lose a tooth as an adult it can be expensive to fix. If you ever feel movement in one or more of your teeth, book an appointment right away.

If you consider it severe, you should call Smiles Dental Group right away. A toothache is generally an indicator of a more serious problem like an infection, or worse.

Bleeding gums can be an early indicator of gum disease (gingivitis), too much plaque & tartar buildup, or something more serious. If your gums bleed at all, regardless of the activity, it is best to get that checked out.

An impacted jaw is a serious sign of infection, there could be any number of reasons your jaw might be swollen or in pain. If this happens to you, you need to book an appointment right away.

A tooth abscess is a pocket of pus that’s caused by a bacterial infection. If you have been experiencing severe tooth pain, fevers, a foul taste in your mouth, difficulty swallowing, or difficulty opening the mouth, it could be an abscess. A dental abscess is a very serious condition and should never be ignored.

Anytime a tooth is broken or chipped this can be bad for the patient. However, if you do beak a tooth getting it fixed earlier rather than later is always the better option. You can save yourself from an even greater financial burden, and mitigate a lot of potential health risks.

If your wisdom teeth grow in and they are impacted, or they are having trouble erupting from the gumline this is an emergency. The situation will only get worse until the wisdom teeth are removed completely.

After hours appointments are available for a tooth issue that just can’t wait till morning, if you need after-hours dental services please visit our dedicated emergency dentist website, or call our 24-hour emergency hotline:

Emergency services Dental Clinic - Frequently Asked Questions

Not every dental emergency will be painful, you can break a tooth and not feel pain at all. If you do have an emergency, treat it sooner than later, regardless of how little pain you feel.

Our emergency dental clinic is open all year around, just in case.

Call ahead to book your emergency dental appointment. If you do call us we will do our best to get in you the same day, or as soon as we can.

These emergency dentist procedures have a very wide range in cost, we have some of our procedure fees listed here. Or you can call us to get a more specific estimate.

Why Choose Smiles?

We offer everything you could ever want from a dentist service provider. We have multiple convenient locations with weekday and weekend hours.

Our dental staff will get you booked in at the earliest most convenient time. We'll do everything we can to make your appointment as comfortable as possible. We're even prepared and experienced with booking in children. You can bring the whole family into any of our clinics and get all your dental work done!

We hope to see you soon, we're accepting new patients today!

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