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What Is A Dental Emergency?

There are a few dental issues that can qualify as an emergency. The biggest indicator of a dental emergency is severe pain in the gums or teeth. Pain is subjective to the individual, so if it feels to you like an emergency, calling us costs nothing.

  • Gums that continue to bleed
  • Jaw injuries, that include dislocation or possible fractures
  • Severe sensitivity of the tooth
  • A persistent throbbing toothache

Knocked-out teeth also qualify as an emergency, if you are wondering what to do in emergency situations such as knocked-out teeth, please read our blog on Common Dental Emergencies.

Our emergency clinic never closes, it’s open every day of the year.

After hours appointments are available for a tooth issue that just can’t wait till morning, if you need after-hours dental services please visit our dedicated emergency dentist website, or call our 24-hour emergency hotline at:

If you have a knocked-out tooth or teeth, it can potentially be reattached to the bone if you can get to one of our state-of-the-art emergency clinics within half an hour to an hour.

Exposed tissue can become infected. It’s of utmost importance that a tooth with a broken or lost filling gets repairs immediately.

If a tooth is broken or fractured it can become very painful if it isn’t already, get the tooth repaired now.

If you have noticeable gum pain please come get it checked out, especially if it’s persistent, or worsens over time.

If you bit your lip tongue and the injury is severe, please visit us right away.

If you’re experiencing consistent jaw pain this could be a sign of TMD and can lead to much worse symptoms.

If you are experience pain in your wisdom teeth it may be a sign of infection or more serious health issues.

We love talking with our customers, if you need to contact us, call one of the numbers listed below!

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