Children’s Dentistry

Children's Dentistry - What Is it?

Some dentists have more experience working with children than others. Children are often more difficult than adults for dentist patients. This means special tactics and methods are used to make things easier, like sedation, distractions; toys, TV, etc. If you have a child that needs dental work, it is often better to go to a general dentist who specifies they deal in child, or family dentistry.

What happens if your child dislikes the dentist?

Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can help. A referral to a pediatric dental specialist may be necessary. General anesthesia is an option when the child is unmanageable. Anesthesia is recommended if your child has a lot of procedures, then they can all be done at once. 

Another advantage of having dental work done under anesthesia is that the child does not have a bad experience at their general dentist’s office and would be more willing to return for checkups, cleanings, and minor restorations in the future.

Children are generally more challenging patients because of: 

  • Increased anxiety
  • Unpredictable reactions
  • Smaller mouths 

Does your child need a dentist?

We deal with families and children very frequently. If you have a child that needs a dentist you can give us a call for to make an appointment.

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