Children’s Dental Care

Why Is Children’s Dentistry So Important?

Children are generally more challenging patients. Children can be tougher to work because of: increased anxiety, unpredictable reactions, and smaller mouths and teeth. To make your child’s visit more comfortable, look for a general dentist who is patient, caring, gentle, and technically efficient. Distractions such as a TV on the ceiling with their favourite cartoon playing can help a lot.

In some cases, nitrous oxide (laughing gas) can help. However, in some cases, a referral to a pediatric dental specialist may be necessary. General anesthesia is always an option when the child is unmanageable while conscious. Anesthesia is recommended if your child has a lot of procedures needed then they can be done all at once. Another advantage of having dental work done under anesthesia is that the child does not have a bad experience at their general dentist’s office and would be more willing to return for checkups, cleanings, and minor restorations in the future.

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