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The Ultimate Teeth Cleaning Guide

Excerpt: Cleaning teeth is one of those things that people often take for granted, which is a problem when prevention is the best strategy for most dental afflictions.
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Fast Facts Dental Hygiene

  • Toothpaste has been used as far back as 5,000 BC in Egypt!
  • The first mass-produced toothbrush was invented in 1780.
  • The earliest modern dental floss was invented in 1815.

Cleaning teeth is one of those things that people often take for granted, which is a problem when prevention is the best strategy for most dental afflictions. If you don’t clean your teeth with a full routine at least daily you are more likely to have problems. Most dental issues take a long time to fully materialize but once they do it can be very pricey to fix them, and may even involve multiple surgeries if it’s significant like a root canal.

What are the benefits of cleaning teeth?

There are a lot of benefits to cleaning your teeth on a regular basis. You will prevent most cavities, teeth staining, gum disease, bad breath (halitosis) and more! It can even go so far as to boost your confidence and self-esteem since a white smile is highly sought after. Keeping your smile white and healthy for as long as possible will also save you significant amounts of money and time (in trips to the dental clinics).

Even if you do clean your teeth regularly, you should go to a dental cleaning at a dental clinic once every 6 months!
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What Do You Need To Keep Your Mouth Clean?

To clean your teeth at the minimum, all you need is a toothbrush and toothpaste, however, to get a much better clean you should add some more tools to your arsenal.
  • Toothbrush – These are affordable, effective, and should be used by everyone, you can get standard non-electric toothbrushes like these ones here. If it is within the budget, an electric toothbrush is preferred, you can get rechargeable brushes for a reasonable price, like this one here.
  • Toothpaste – This is the second must-have for anyone, as long as you have any toothpaste you should be fine, we recommend trusted brands though such as this one here.
  • Floss – Just as useful, if not more than the previous 2 items. Floss is also very cost-efficient, you can also get floss picks like this one here to make flossing easier!
  • Mouthwash – If there’s a least likely to be used option on this list, mouthwash would probably win. We highly recommend it cause it can greatly help keep your mouth clean. Check out some of the brands here.
  • Waterpik – If your budget allows, these work well for increased plaque and acid removal. (pro-tip: add 1/3 mouth wash to the reservoir to combine two steps). You can see a large selection of these here.
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How long should my dentalcare routine take?

We recommend spending about a minute on each activity when cleaning your teeth. If you have time try to make it 2 minutes, this means around 5 minutes on average is a reasonable amount. Longer is not always better, so you won’t gain anything if you spend 20 minutes on your teeth, but shorter is almost ways worse, so try not to spend less than 4 minutes. If you don’t have time some mornings it’s alright to skip some things, just don’t make it a habit.

Need a Dental Checkup?

You should visit your dentist at least twice a year for your dental cleaning!

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How do I take care of my teeth?

We recommend going through your routine at least 2 times a day, once in the morning and evening. If you also brush at lunch then 3 times a day would be even better.
Do this for amazing dental health:
  1. Brush for 2-4 minutes (30 sec to 1 minute per quarter of mouth)
  2. Floss for 2-4 minutes (30 sec to 1 minute per quarter of mouth)
  3. Swish mouth wash for 30 sec and spit (do not swallow mouthwash)
  4.  Use the water pick for 2-4 minutes (30 sec to 1 minute per quarter of mouth)
If you do these 4 steps, 2-3 times a day your dental routine will be well above average considering most people only brush their teeth and might floss once in a while. Just brushing is often inadequate as it will leave stubborn food particles behind.
You should also remember to brush your gums and tongue, or you could have tongue problems and gum problems!
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Frequently asked questions

We don’t recommend it cause those food particles will be stuck in your mouth for the whole night which will give a lot of time for plaque to form.

Any toothbrush will do at least some good, but here is The Ultimate Toothbrush Buying Guide if you want more input!

Yes, they can make your teeth shades whiter, if you’re looking for more results than that, come get them whitened at Smiles Dental Group!

High-carb foods can break down into sugars and acids, if you eat these foods make sure you clean your teeth right after. Other foods like nuts and hard candies can be tricky for teeth cause they can damage them.

Yes! No matter how good your routine is you will still probably get plaque which can turn into tartar (only a professional can remove this). You can also get other afflictions as well. Visit your dentist at least twice a year!

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