Root Canal Pain Relief – What To Do Before Treatment

Excerpt: Root canals are meant to provide relief for many illnesses like cavities and gum disease
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What Is Root Canal Therapy?

Root Canal Therapy is required when a tooth is infected by bacteria and the inner pulp of the tooth becomes compromised. After the procedure is completed, a crown will be recommended to protect and fortify the tooth.

Root canals are meant to provide relief for many illnesses like cavities and gum disease, as dental surgery produces a lot of pain and discomfort. However, when you contract gum disease or another dental infection, an infection can take root in a root canal that cannot be cleared by antibiotics. Here are 3 things you should do before receiving treatment!

What To Do Before Treatment

Before you get root canal treatment, there are a few things you can do to reduce your pain and help ensure a speedy recovery. 
Here are some tips: 

Gather All The Information you need Before Your Appointment

This includes your diagnosis and any past dental procedures that may have been performed. Bring any photographs or written explanations of your symptoms to the appointment.

Take Adequate Pain Medications Before Treatment

Many people find relief from medications such as ibuprofen or opioid painkiller prior to their root canal appointment if they are able to take them at the right time before treatment begins. These meds should only be taken as directed by your doctor, however, so it is important to discuss any plans for medication use with him or her in advance. It is also important to drink plenty of fluids during treatment in order to prevent headaches or other complications.

Get Plenty Of Rest Before Treatment

If you’re heading to the dentist for a root canal, make sure you get plenty of rest before treatment. This will help minimize any pain you experience and help your recovery go more smoothly. Additionally, keep hydrated throughout the day; water helps to dissolve toothpaste and reduce discomfort.
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Root Canal Therapy Aftercare

Here are some tips on how to deal with any pain you may feel: 
  • Take over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol before coming in for treatment. These will help to relieve the pain until the medication wears off.
  • Apply ice or cold packs to the area around the tooth several times a day. This will help reduce swelling and inflammation.
  • Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated, especially if you are taking medication to relieve the pain.
  • Try not to eat or drink anything that makes your mouth feel dry or acidy.

Tips to Prevent Root Canal Therapy Pain

There are a few things that you can do to help reduce your chances of experiencing pain during and after a root canal treatment. 
Here are some tips to get started:

Preparation is key

Make sure you understand the procedure and what will be done before the dental professionals arrive. This will help ensure that you are as comfortable as possible.

hydration is essential for reducing pain

Drink plenty of water prior to the appointment, throughout the treatment, and for at least an hour after it’s finished. Avoid drinks with caffeine, which can increase the heart rate and lead to increased discomfort.

De-Stress Before Treatment

Schedule in some time for relaxation beforehand, whether that means reading a book, taking a bath, or using stress relievers like yoga or meditation. This will help put you in a better frame of mind and ease any pre-treatment anxiety.

Stay Positive! 

Root canal treatment can be anxiety-provoking, so don’t let negative thoughts take over your mind. Focus on reassuring yourself that everything is going to be alright, and stay positive even if you feel some pain during treatment. 

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