Why Should You Include Mouthwash In Your Oral Care Routine

Excerpt: Including a mouth wash in your oral care regime provides an array of important benefits.

Why Should I Use Mouthwash?

Including mouthwash in your oral care regime provides an array of important benefits. While most people emphasize brushing and flossing their teeth two times in a day, the importance of mouthwash is usually overlooked. But, adding mouthwash in your oral care regime can make your smile better in a number of ways. Continue reading to find out about the benefits and why you should include mouthwash in oral care routine.

Decreases Tooth Decay

Mouthwash assists in preventing tooth decay. Tooth decay is a serious problem in both children and adults. A huge number of people between 20 and 64 years old have fillings in one or more teeth. By using an effective mouth wash, you can protect your teeth from decay.

Decreases Gum Disease

According to dental studies and reports, 1 in every 2 individuals of 30 years of age or older suffer from gum disease. Some of the common signs of gum disease include: swollen gums, bleeding and inflammation of gums, which can cause tissue and bone loss if ignored. Mouthwash can fight gum disease by stopping the growth of bacteria in your mouth that causes it.

Decreases Plaque Buildup

Mouthwash can also decrease the plaque buildup. No matter how many times in a day you brush your teeth, a small amount of plaque will inevitably build up on them. This soft and sticky element contains millions of bacteria, which in turn increases the risk for tooth decay. By using mouthwash you can assist in its reduction. You can also consult your dentist for dental cleaning to get rid of the plaque.

Prevents Bad Breath

Bad breath is a very common oral issue that affects 35-45% of the population. Some people think that bad breath is nothing severe or related to dental health, but the fact is that bad breath suggests the presence of bacteria. When small food particles get stuck in your mouth, they start to boost the growth of bacteria. Additionally, causing bad breath and the bacteria also encourage gum disease and cavities. But, thankfully, you can fight bad breath by using a mouthwash. Mouthwashes are known to kill up to 99% of germs and fight bad breath at its roots.

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