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How To Choose The Best Toothpaste For Your Child And Role Of Pediatric Dentist

When it comes to oral health of your child, you want to begin good oral hygiene practices as soon as possible. This means choosing a suitable toothpaste for them, ensuring your child will get the best out of regular brushing. With a number of choices available today, it is difficult to choose the best product for your little one. Do your homework and research about the various popular brands to find one that is just right for them.

Choose a brand manufactured for children:

Before you choose a toothpaste for your children, you need to first think about their safety. Most of the brands used by adults actually contain abrasives that could harm your child’s delicate teeth. Additionally, adult toothpaste has fluoride which is harmful for young children if they use a lot. Unlike elders, kids find it hard to control their swallow reflex and little ones between the age of 2-6 are at higher risk of eating their toothpaste as well. Choose a brand that is fluoride free. The key aim is to ensure your child properly cleans his or her teeth at least two times in a day. Fluoride- free toothpaste can be very effective when used in a proper manner.

Popular choices for children’s toothpaste:

When looking for children’s toothpaste, you will come across a number of brands that are highly recommended for children. There are brands that sell anti-cavity toothpaste and are really popular amongst parents, as they are known to have natural ingredients and no artificial compounds. Additionally, you will find toothpaste that is organic and safe if swallowed. They are also known to be gentle on gums of your child. Try to find a brand that is approved by ADA (American Dental Association). You can also find them in various flavors that your kids will love.

Role of pediatric dentist:

Only because baby teeth fall out doesn’t mean they are not important. In reality, the maintenance of baby teeth in a child is important because little ones depend on this first set of teeth to chew correctly, speak properly, build self-confidence and create the way for the future permanent teeth. The correct formation of the jaw bones and the muscles in the jaw also depend on first set of baby teeth to create accurate spacing for permanent teeth.

Regular visit to pediatric dentist, at least two times in a year not only assists in normal development of child’s teeth, but parents are able to learn about instilling good dental hygiene in their little ones and what type of diet will prevent cavities.

Pediatric dentist focuses on the prevention of premature loss of baby teeth and prevention of cavities.

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