Orthodontics & Functional Orthopedics in Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Spruce Grove & Edmonton

Many cased of malocclusion or misalignment of teeth in children is genetic. This implies that the remaining cased of poor bites arise due to environmental factors i.e., poor tongue position, mouth breathing, allergies, or enlarged tonsils and adenoids. Well timed functional therapy can have a major influence on your child’s development. Functional orthopedics is usually therapy of short duration, may involve removable appliances and often makes more extensive therapy (braces) unnecessary.

Functional Orthopedic treatment may correct some oral conditions in younger patients that may help them avoid TMJ pain or sleep apnea and may widen small lower jaws or minimize proud upper teeth. Orthodontics, more classically involves the use of braces that are bonded to the teeth. These braces allow us to control the teeth more accurately so that we can fine tune their relationship to one another and create that beautiful smile.

Orthopedics is a really effective process of treating malocclusions (crowding of teeth). It is lot more than a cosmetic dentistry procedure, because malocclusions or popularly termed as bad bites may lead to problems such as TMJ pain or headaches

Thus, here at Smiles Dental Group we treat misaligned teeth not only for aesthetic purposes but also for restoration, to help you keep related problems, mentioned above at bay. The dentists at Smiles Dental Group carefully assess and examine your teeth before recommending the suitable treatment options. Especially because in some cases, patients need more than one procedure in order to correct all dental alignment problems. This is where orthodontics comes into scene.

Orthodontics includes getting braces bonded to the teeth in order to correct any misalignment or crowding. In such instances, there are several options to choose from including partial braces, full braces, tooth extraction, lingual braces and other equipment based orthodontics solutions. Our general dentists can provide quality orthodontic and orthopedic solutions aimed at correcting disproportionate jaw interactions, teeth misalignments, or irregularities. We at Smiles Dental Group strive to provide you with complete information about your treatment so as to make you comfortable with the process.

Our team of general dentists has experience of working with younger patients.

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