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New re-vamped clinic! Accepting new patients.

At  Spruce Grove Smiles Dental clinic, you will receive quality dental services from our general dentists. Tooth care is vital because once you cross the age of 12 years, you’re not getting any new teeth. With Smiles Dental, you can maintain your teeth till your senior years and beyond.

Looking for a Spruce Grove Dentist? Smiles Dentist Clinic in Spruce Grove was the first of the Smiles family of clinics. In 2008, Dr. Glen Bowen, who worked as a general dentist in Spruce Grove for almost 30 years, sold his practice to the owners of Smiles Dental Group. Dr. Bowen was very helpful during the transitional period, continuing to work as an associate for about a year, to ensure a smooth transition from ‘Spruce Grove Family Dentist’ to ‘Spruce Grove Smiles’.
By 2009, Smiles Dentist clinic in Spruce Grove doubled its patient base, and it has been growing steadily ever since. Our general dentists in Spruce Grove are proud to serve the community.
As a general dentist in Spruce Grove, our Spruce Grove dentists are happy to offer a wide range of dental procedures that fall within the scope of general dentistry. This includes: tooth-coloured (non-amalgam) or white fillings, crowns, bridges, dental implant treatment, Invisalign, orthodontic braces, dentist hygiene services, root canal treatment, wisdom tooth extractions, sedation treatments in conjunction with dental procedures, cosmetic oral procedures (eg. veneers)…etc.
If you are looking for dental implant treatment in Spruce Grove, or sedation treatment in Spruce Grove, wisdom tooth extractions in Spruce Grove, white fillings in Spruce Grove, Invisalign in Spruce Grove, Cosmetic Dentistry in Spruce Grove, or other general dentist services, Smiles Dental Group (general dentists in Spruce Grove) would be pleased to help you.
Currently, the following general dentists in Spruce Grove offer quality services at Smiles Dental Group: Dr. Khaled Al-Homsi and Dr. Alexander Yeh.
Please call our Spruce Grove Dentist Clinic today at (587) 410-5939.
We are conveniently located at 141 Century Crossing, just off Highway 16A as you enter Spruce Grove.
Our clinic is beside Sunset Grill and Tommy Gunz Barber.

Spruce Grove Dentist

Spruce Grove Smiles Dental Group
206 – 141 Century Crossing
Spruce Grove, Alberta, T7X 0C8
(587) 410 5939

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