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Dr. Ahmed Hussain

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Dr. Ahmed Hussain

Dr. Ahmed Hussain is a recognized dental professional who holds several prestigious degrees and certifications, including a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), a Doctor of Medical Science (DMedSc), a Master of Science (MSc) in Prosthodontics, and a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). He is also a Canadian Board-Certified Specialist in Prosthodontics, and has been honored with membership in the Royal College of Dentists of Canada.

Throughout his career, Dr. Hussain has made significant contributions to the field of dentistry through his teaching, research, publications, and expertise. His areas of interest and expertise include biomaterials, digital dentistry, artificial intelligence, and prosthodontics. Prior to joining the faculty at the University of Alberta, Dr. Hussain worked as an Assistant Professor in Prosthodontics and Director of the Digital Dentistry Program at the University of Saskatchewan.

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