Dental Costs – What Are Our Dental Fees?

Paying too much at the dentist?

Are you unhappy with how much your current dentist is charging you? Going to the dentist shouldn't be painful... for your mouth or your wallet. At Smiles Dental Group our fees are always below the Alberta Fee Guide so you know you're getting great value.

Transparency is everything to us, so on this page, you can find:

  • The Alberta Fee Guide
  • Smiles Dental Group Fees vs. The Average Alberta Fees
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  • How Do We Set Our Dental Fees?

    At Smiles Dental Group we are always below the fee guidelines to give you the best value we possibly can. We want our patients to look forward to coming to our dental clinics. If you are interested in seeing what the official fee guidelines are, please see the Alberta fee guide.

    Smiles dental Group costs Vs. The Average Alberta Dental Costs

    We keep our dental fees low. Our patients love our prices and our services! 

    The average dental prices in Alberta are from the January 2021 Alberta Dental Fee Guide.

    Notes: Green = Better prices

    ProcedureProcedure Code Smiles Dental GroupAverage Cost - Alberta
    Recall Exam01202 $64.19 $67.00
    Complete Child Exam01101 $71.17 $74.29
    Complete Adult Exam01103 $101.48 $105.92
    Scaling - 1 Unit11111 $67.16 $70.10
    Fluoride12112 $28.99 $30.26
    Composite Anterior Filling23111 $136.51 $142.49
    Composite Molar Filling23321 $149.60 $156.15
    Crown - Porcelain Fused To Metal27211 $825.44 $861.59
    Root Canal - 1 Canal33111 $662.15 $691.15
    Extraction - Simple71101 $134.33 $140.21

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