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Children’s Dentistry – How Can It Benefit You?

Excerpt: Researching dentistry before you go to the dentist is not a bad idea.
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Researching dentistry before you go to the dentist is not a bad idea. With a little extra knowledge, it can help you find the optimal type of treatment for your children and save both of you financially and ensure they are in good hands. More and more parents are also going to pediatric dentists in order to avoid extractions at a young age– which is great because children’s teeth have not yet fully developed!

What Is A Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a doctor who specializes in caring for children. They often have additional training in areas such as pediatrics, neonatology, and maternal/child health. Children’s dentistry can benefit from the expertise of a pediatrician, as they are well-equipped to assess and treat dental conditions in children.

Can A General Dentist Treat Children?

It will depend on the clinic and the experience of the dentist. Youth have different requirements for dental care than adults, and they also usually require much more patience as well. If the dental clinic is not set up to handle children’s dentistry, it may be easier for the clinic to refer you to a pediatrician instead of treating them.

Can Smiles Dental Group Treat Kids?

Absolutely! We love seeing the whole family. Smiles Dental Group also has TVs with Netflix in our clinics so we can keep your child occupied while they are treated. TVs can also help distract the child from any dental anxiety they may have so it’s a win for everyone!

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Benefits of Pediatric Dentist Care

When it comes to dental care for children, the benefits can be many and varied. Depending on the age of your child, some common benefits of pediatric dentistry may include: 

Improved Oral Health 

A healthy mouth is essential for overall good health, and pediatric dentistry can play a key role in achieving this goal. By providing quality dental care early on, your child can avoid problems down the road, like tooth decay or TMJ disorder.

Enhanced Self-Image 

Many children feel confident when their teeth are in good shape, which can lead to better academic performance and overall well-being. Dentist visits can help promote positive dental hygiene habits as well, which can boost your child’s confidence in general.

Reduced Anxiety 

Dentist visits can be scary for some children, leading to increased anxiety and even depression. By scheduling regular check-ups with a pediatric dentist, you can reduce or eliminate these negative effects.
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When to Seek Pediatric Dentist Care

If your child is exhibiting any of the following signs, it might be time to seek pediatric dentistry care:

  • Choking consistently.
  • Having trouble with bite formation or TMJ pain.
  • Sudden changes in eating habits or difficulty chewing food properly.
  • Extreme drooling or tooth decay that has not responded to typical brushing and flossing.

Does My Child Need Sedation?

We often think of dentistry as pain-free, but in reality, most children experience some level of discomfort during their dental appointments. Over-the-counter medications such as ibuprofen can help reduce discomfort, but they usually lack the analgesic (painkilling) effects of prescription medications. In general, most children will require sedation for a dental appointment. 

There are several reasons why a child might need sedation for their dental visit: 

  • Some infants and young children may be too young to understand what is happening during their dental appointment and may become very agitated. 
  • Other children may have specific conditions that make it difficult for them to tolerate pain or are frightened by procedures like tooth brushing. In cases like these, sedation may be the best option for ensuring a smooth dental experience for the child.
Every child will have different dental requirements, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution, and sedation is used only when absolutely necessary, especially for children. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At Smiles Dental Group we feel that your Childs first visit to the dentist should be once they start getting their teeth.  Between 1 and 2 years old but no later than 2.  We can help to identify any early issues and make sure your Childs smile is on track to be beautiful.

Usually, specialists tend to charge more due to their extra training. If your child doesn’t require any special treatment, you could be paying extra for no real benefit.

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