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Use These Simple Tips To Keep Cavities At Bay This Halloween

Halloween is one of the best and most fun times of the year. This is very true for parents. The joy of taking your bundle of joy trick-or-treating is great. But, long after the celebration of Halloween is over, your little ones will still have a number of candies. These candies can be harmful for the dental health of your kids, if you are not cautious. Here are a few tips you can use to keep cavities at bay in kids this Halloween.

Moderation: One of the best ways to prevent cavities is to not allow them to eat too many candies at once. Allow then to eat only a few pieces on Halloween night, but then you should stop them from eating candies after that. You can then limit them to eat a piece or two every day to avoid getting their teeth overloaded with sugar.

Use candy swap technique: As kids get overloaded with Halloween candies, you will have to deal with it for weeks if you don’t find tricks to get rid of some of it. One of the best tricks to lessen the amount of Halloween candy is to use the candy swap technique. You can ask your kids to swap a portion of their Halloween candy for a toy they want or by taking them to a museum or garden. You can also ask them to swap their candy for stickers.

Make them brush their teeth: As soon as your kids are done eating their candy, you should make them brush their teeth. This will prevent the cavity causing bacteria from developing on sugar. It is a nice idea to give your kid a new toothbrush in their Halloween bucket. A new toothbrush will excite them about brushing their teeth. You can also make them floss their teeth.

By following these tips, you will assist to prevent cavities this Halloween. To ensure perfect oral health of your little one, you can schedule a dental appointment in November to make sure the candy has not harmed teeth of your little one.

Dental Visit Expectations

First Dental Visit Expectations

Many people get scared of the fact that they have to visit their dentist and they try to avoid it at all cost. Contrary to popular belief, the dentist is going to curb the pain that you have in your teeth and he is going to take care of all the problems that you are facing in your gums. Before you plan a visit to the dentist, always make sure that you are visiting one of the best dentists in Edmonton.

A good dentist will be able to take care of all the discomfort you are facing and thus you will be getting the right treatment from him. People hear stories from their friends and relatives that they had a bad experience when they went to the dentist and it pained them a lot and many other things.

Always remember that the more you are going to avoid the dental problems that you are facing right now, the more they are going to trouble you a lot in the longer run. It is always recommended that you must visit your dentist once in every six months. It is going to help you a lot if you will be visiting your dentist without having any preconceived notions in your mind.

Generally the first visit to the dentist is about getting acquainted with each other and the dentist is going to look at the previous record of your dental health. If you have never visited the dentist in your life before, then always make sure that you are getting the appointment from one of the best dentist in Edmonton.

This will ensure that the first visit is a lot more comfortable for you, where you will be able to communicate all of the problems that you are facing to the dentist in a right manner. Many people hide things from the dentist because they think that the more open they will be on their communication, the more dental procedures they have to face. But in fact, it is the opposite. The more communicative you will be with your dentist then it is going to save you from a lot of future dental problems that you might face, if you are not careful with the dental care of your mouth. If you have a dental insurance, then never forget to take the card with you to the dentist so that you can avail it in a right manner.

Apart from the regular dental visits, you also need to be sure that you are taking all the necessary precautions at home for the right dental care. If you have any doubt regarding the right way of brushing or flossing your teeth, then you can take guidance from many good dentists in Edmonton. A lot of dental problems can be taken care of by brushing the teeth twice daily in a right manner. Always be sure to use the tooth brush and tooth paste that has been approved by the dental association.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Preventing Dental Problems Before They Start

Dental health nowadays is as important as the general health of the body and it is highly recommended that you are visiting your dentist once in every 6 months to ensure that your teeth and gums stay in the right shape. When you get them checked on regular basis, then you can be sure that if you have any problem then they will be taken care of at the early stages and this will save you a lot of time and discomfort that may be caused by the dental treatment. The new type of treatments like cosmetic dentistry also helps you to have whiter teeth while the other dental procedures at the right time will save you from the bigger issues like wisdom tooth extraction. Routine check-ups with dental professionals can help catch problems before they start – which may mean that you save time and money in the longer run.

Before you start to take the dental health on a lot serious note, you need to start the first and the most basic thing; visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Many people don’t pay a visit to their dentist even once a year and when they are faced with dire tooth problems, then they go to the dentist only to realise that it has taken a lot worse shape. Majority of the dental problems can be taken care of at very early stages if you are going to take care of the teeth and gums in a right manner. It might be very surprising for you but you can avoid many of the dental problems by brushing the teeth and flossing them in a right way. The majority of people will likely need biannual check-ups for optimal oral health. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle, people are not even giving the right importance to the kind of food they are eating and too much consumption of smoking, sweets and other foods may cause cavities, build up of plaque and tartar.

What is the benefit of regular dental check-ups?

As we all know, prevention is better than the cure and the more you are attentive with the health of the teeth and gums, the less problems you will be facing in the near future. Routine checkups will ensure that the problems are detected at their earlier stages and the dentists also guide you the right way of brushing and the steps that will be highly beneficial for you to avoid many of the dental problems. Dental health also affects the overall health of the body and with the regular checkups at the dentist’s office; you will be able to avoid the most common problems like build-up of plaque and tartar. If plaque accumulates and is not removed on timely basis then it may harden, which can aggravate your gum tissue. To avoid any such problems along with the other dental issues, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist once in every six months.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Tooth Extraction: Some Points

Many people get scared when they come to know about the wisdom tooth extraction and for some, it is their worst nightmare. Any tooth extraction process can be troublesome if it is not done in a right manner and to make sure you are not facing any issues and pain during the procedure, it is always advisable that you must get it done from a good Edmonton wisdom tooth extraction clinic. Every tooth is important and you have to ensure that you are taking the right care of the oral habits. The teeth tend to get decayed if they are not taken the right care and lot also depends on the eating habits of a person.

1. Structure Of The Tooth

Every tooth has the same structure that is made up of crown and the root. The visible part is the crown and the roots are what that keeps it into place. The main components of the teeth are:
• Enamel – It is the hard outer coating of every tooth.
• Dentine – It’s the softer material that supports the enamel.
• Cementum – It’s a hard material that acts as a coating on the tooth.
• Dental Pulp – It’s a soft tissue that is found at the centre of the tooth.

2. Infection and Need For Extraction

The infection happens when you don’t take care of the teeth in a right manner. Many people are in a habit of smoking and drinking a lot and this also affects the health of the tooth. For the best oral care, it is always recommended that you brush your teeth after every meal or at least twice a day. The way you brush the teeth also affects the overall health of the gums. Every tooth has a pulp at the centre that consists of soft tissue. When the teeth gets infected, that means that there is a bacteria formation at the pulp and eventually the teeth dies. As the bacteria keeps on multiplying, there is no method to stop them spreading and this causes the tissues around the teeth to become red and swollen. When the infection gets too much, you need to get the tooth extracted in order to save the gum and other teeth. It is highly recommended that you visit the best Edmonton wisdom tooth extraction dentist clinic for all the procedure, as the tooth extraction must always be done by the experienced dentist.

3. Aftercare

After the extraction of the tooth, you need to take a proper care of the mouth in order to make the gums recover in a right manner. Avoid biting too hard on the food and use the separate side of the mouth where the treatment has been done. Follow the procedure the dentist has prescribed as you also have to brush in a different manner to avoid the area where the tooth has been extracted from. You have to maintain good oral hygiene and have to avoid too much of sugary and other food items that may have an ill affect on the teeth.

Smile and Teeth

Are You Confident in Your Smile and Teeth?

When it comes to the oral and dental care, many people suffer from some or the other gums and teeth problems, thanks to the bad oral habits. In the recent survey, it was estimated that most of the people are not into the habit of brushing their teeth before going to bed and most of them are not brushing their teeth in a way it should be done. To make sure that you are having the best of oral health, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist on a regular basis to ensure you have a good and healthy oral care.

1. Are You Confident With The Shape Of Your Teeth?

Many people are not confident in a way their teeth are shaped and many suffer from a low self esteem because they are not happy with their smiles. Your teeth are the first thing a person notices when you greet them and smile and if you are not confident with the way your teeth looks, then you have an option to correct it; thanks to the braces. Braces can help you to win back the smile as they correct the position of your teeth and any good dentist will be able to make your teeth aligned in a right way using the correct set of braces.

2. Do You Want Whiter Teeth?

If you are not going to take a proper care of your teeth, then they are going to lose their shine and will eventually become pale over the time. The colour of the teeth depends on lot of factors and your eating and drinking habits also have a lot to do with the shade of the teeth. If you are too much into smoking and consumption of alcohol, then it will put a dent on the shade of the teeth and you are going to see a reduction in the whiteness. Thanks to the latest advancements, you don’t have to worry if your teeth have lost their shine and you can contact any good teeth whitening Edmonton expert to get them a shade lighter. Teeth whitening Edmonton dentist use the right techniques and give your teeth a far more whiter shade after the procedure and this will make you more confident with your smile.

3. Are You Brushing In A Right Way?

The health of the teeth and gums depends a lot on the way how you take care of them. The best way to have the right oral care lies in the way how you brush your teeth and it is very much important that you do it in a right way. As improper brushing techniques may cause the gums to bleed and this will also affect the roots of the tooth, always make sure that you are using the brush and the toothpaste that is being approved by the dental association. If you have any doubt regarding how to brush your teeth in a right manner, then consult your dentist right away.

Tooth Discoloration Causes And Treatments

Tooth Discoloration Causes And Treatments

Unattractive tooth stains can be embarrassing, and stop you from smiling. So what causes tooth discoloration and what you can do to get it rid of it?

The answer is not simple. No one’s teeth are completely white and to certain limit our teeth do become dull due to several factors. But everyone is born with a little different tooth shade, with some whiter than other. Irrespective of you treat your teeth will hugely decide their color.

There are various causes of tooth discoloration, including:

  • Drinks/foods: Wines, colas, tea, coffee and some fruits and vegetables like potatoes and apples can stain your teeth.
  • Tobacco consumption: Chewing tobacco or smoking can stain teeth
  • Poor dental hygiene: Irregular brushing and flossing to clean plaque and stain-producing stuff like tobacco and coffee can lead to discolored tooth.
  • Health problems: A number of disease that affect dentin and enamel can cause tooth discoloration. Their treatment can also affect color of your teeth. For example chemotherapy and head and neck radiation can cause teeth discoloration. Additionally, some infections in pregnant moms can lead to discolored tooth in the infant by affecting enamel development.
  • Medicine: The antibiotics doxycycline and tetracycline are known to affect the color of teeth of children whose teeth are still developing. Mouth washes and rinses containing cetylpyridinium chloride and chlorhexidine can also discolor your teeth. Drugs for high blood pressure, antipsychotic drugs and antihistamines are also known to cause teeth discoloration.
  • Dental substances: Some of the substances used in dentistry, like amalgam restorations, especially materials that contain silver sulfide can create a gray-black color to teeth.
  • Aging: Aging affects the outer layer of enamel on your teeth, thus it reveals the natural yellow color of dentin.
  • Genetic: Some people naturally have thicker or brighter enamel as compared to others.
  • Environment: Too much fluoride either from over usage or environmental sources can cause teeth discoloration.
  • Trauma: Like injury from an accident can affect enamel formation in young children whose teeth are still developing. This can also lead to discolored teeth in case of adults.

Treatments for discolored teeth:

Treatment options to get whiter teeth can differ depending on the reason of the discoloration and may include:

  • Follow proper and regular tooth brushing and flossing regimen
  • Avoid beverages and food that cause tooth discoloration
  • Veneers
  • Bondings
  • In home whitening agents recommended from your dentist
  • Use over-the-counter whitening agents
  • In-office whitening treatments

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Signs That Show Your Teeth Have Cavities

Signs That Show Your Teeth Have Cavities

To make sure that you are keeping the oral health checked all the times, you have to get the teeth checked regularly, in order to keep them safe from the potential risks like cavities and other gum and teeth related problems. There are many signs that you can look for that are going to give you the right signs that your teeth needs a check up for the cavities. In this article, we are going to show you some of Signs that show your teeth have cavities.

1. Option 1

The first thing you will be noticing is an unusual bad breath from the mouth even after brushing the teeth. If you are experiencing bad breath the whole day, then it is the time to get the teeth checked at the dentist. Along with the bad breath, if you are also getting a rotten taste in the mouth before and after eating the meals, then it is an indication that your teeth need check-up. It is always best to get the cavities checked at an early stage to keep it from spreading up.

2. Option 2

Another indication that you are having a cavity in the teeth is the tooth sensitivity. If you are feeling a piercing feeling when you sip something cold and hot, then you have to get the teeth checked on immediate basis. Make sure that you are getting the teeth in the areas checked and not a particular tooth. When the teeth starts to decompose and the outer layer gets all the beating, then the inner sensitive layer of the teeth is exposed to the heat and cold and thus you feel the painful sensation.

3. Option 3

Another sign is the swelling in the gums. If your gums have become red and they have swollen up, then this might be an indication that one of the tooth has started to decompose and it the right time to get the teeth checked so that you get the cavity under control in the right time. Along with the swelling you are also going to feel a little pain every time you are going to bite and eat. If you are experiencing this feeling from long time, then it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist immediately.

4. Option 4

If you are seeing some spots on the teeth, then that might also be an indication of the cavity. Due to the prolonged damaged, the teeth develops spots and very tiny holes at the surface that exposes the sensitive area of the teeth and it is very harmful for the health of the tooth in the longer run. If you see some of the spots at the teeth even after brushing, then make sure that you are visiting your dentist and getting them checked. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry in the longer run.

Dental Sealants

Dental Sealants: What Are They And What To Expect From Them

Dental sealants are a great way to protect kid’s teeth from tooth decay by covering them with a thin plastic material. Their teeth feel and look like normal, however this protects teeth from plaque build-up and cavities. It is a preventive measure for kids before any cavity develops on their teeth.

Who should get dental sealants?

Dental sealants are recommended for young kids as soon as their first teeth appear. Decay is most common in the molars, so taking your kid to dentist in Edmonton for sealants right when you see the molars. This helps you kid fight tooth decay.

A kid’s first set of permanent molars appear in between ages 5 and 7, while the second permanent molars appear in between 11 and 14 years of age. Some teens and adults who don’t have tooth decay can also get sealants, however it is not very popular.

How long do these last?

Sealants can last up to 10 years. However, you should get it checked every six months.

What is the process of getting dental sealants?

Applying sealants is a pain free, simple procedure that is done quickly at Smiles Dental Group. The structure of your tooth remains unaffected after sealants.

The procedure starts with thorough cleaning of teeth. The teeth are then dried with an absorbent material. A mild acid solution is applied on them to make the surface slightly rough. This assists in proper bonding of the sealant to the teeth. The teeth are then rinsed and dried, and the sealant material is painted on and dried with a particular light.

Molars are at risk of early decay, which is why sealants are a great treatment to get for your children’s first set of teeth.

What are benefits of dental sealants?

The protective covering on the surface of your kid’s teeth decreases the amount of acid contact. The acid present in the food we consume can decompose the surface of teeth. Bacteria also react to plaque buildup and create more acid in the mouth. These small weakened areas or pits are at risk of cavity build up. Preventing cavities is a lot better alternative than filling and drilling damaged teeth.

A sealant can also assist to smooth the chewing surfaces of your little one’s teeth. The smooth surface doesn’t retain food particles. So, your kid’s mouth remains cleaner and food is not attached to teeth to form acids. The sealants can also be used on other teeth with rough surface, to protect the pits or grooves from decay.

If you have any doubts about sealants, please contact Smiles Dental Group. We will help you keep your child’s teeth healthy for life.

Burning Mouth Syndrome

Find Out What Is Burning Mouth Syndrome

BMS or Burning Mouth Syndrome is a term used to describe a painful sensation of the lips, tongue or palate. It may also include a feeling of discomfort of the whole mouth. In this condition no oral signs or medical or dental cause can be identified. Some other terms that are used interchangeably for BMS include sore mouth, burning mouth, burning tongue syndrome, sore tongue or burning tongue.

Causes of Burning Mouth Syndrome

In approximately 50% of cases of BMS no particular cause is present, some possible causes include:

  • Ill fitting dentures or being allergic to the denture materials
  • A reaction to particular type of mouthwashes or toothpastes
  • Damage to the nerves controlling pain or taste
  • Issues with your immune system
  • Depression, anxiety or stress
  • Hormone changes

There are a few medical conditions which might cause burning mouth, they are:

  • Thyroid problems
  • Diabetes
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Thrush
  • Acid reflux
  • Dry mouth

Symptoms of Burning Mouth Syndrome:

The primary sign of BMS is pain in the mouth that is tingling, scalding or burning, or a feeling of numbness. Other symptoms of BMS include altered taste in the mouth or dry mouth.

BMS is a painful condition. Generally, the tongue is affected; however the pain may also be in the roof of the mouth or lips or in complete mouth. The pain can persist for months or even years. Some people also feel constant pain. For some, pain alleviates throughout the day. Some people also experience less pain when drinking or eating.

Diagnosis of BMS:

Your dentist will check your mouth carefully to determine the cause of the problem. The dentist will also review your medical history and have close look in your mouth. A number of tests may be needed. These may include:

  • Blood tests to check for some medical problems
  • Allergy test
  • Imaging test
  • Biopsy of tissue
  • Salivary flow test
  • Oral swab tests

Treatment of BMS:

Your dentist will definitely assist you get relied. Medicine can assist relieve dry mouth and control pain. As it is complicated pain disorder, the treatment that is effective for one person may not be effective for another.

Your dentist can also adjust or replace your dentures or prescribe medication for a fungal infection in your mouth. Two patients suffering from Burning Mouth Syndrome can be prescribed different medication depending on the cause, so just because your friend is finding a drug helpful in relieving pain and discomfort, doesn’t mean you will also benefit from the same.

Visit Smiles Dental Group to know more.