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Find Out How Dental Implants Can Make You Happy

Are you considering getting a new dental implant? Are you hesitant and scared about the complete procedure? Don’t worry, because dental implants are trustworthy, reliable and safe. If you provide them proper maintenance and care, they can have long lasting results. But the question is, can dental implant make you happy, confident and more relaxed? Yes, it can, continue reading to know more.

  • Dental implants are permanent option

Dental implants are fixed to your jawbone so they are a permanent solution. The replacement tooth is designed just like your natural teeth and thus it feels looks and functions like a natural tooth. As the implant is fixed to the jawbone, it is easier to maintain dental hygiene. Chewing, talking and other important functions can be done without effortlessly. In addition, there is no need to remove or damage the nearby teeth to fix the crown.

  • Improved self esteem

Meeting and greeting new people becomes easier with dental plants. In case of dentures, there is always a risk of them slipping out while chewing, talking or coughing and might make you feel uncomfortable in meeting new people. Dental implants are permanent so there is no risk of them slipping out. As a result, you will feel more confident and it will increase your self esteem.

  • Improved speech

With dental implants speech becomes very easy and there is almost no hurdle for clear speech. Although, bridges or dentures might show ease of speech, dental implants can make speaking an easy task. Several patients who had bridges or dentures show dissatisfaction over their limited clarity in speech while patients with dental implants feel satisfied.

  • Convenient and comfortable

Dental implants are more convenient and comfortable as compared to bridges or dentures. As the implant is fixed to the jawbone, chewing food is very easy. Also, you won’t feel any pain during chewing or communicating.

  • Improved appearance

A missing tooth can cause severe damage to your looks. It can be responsible for sagging of the skin, premature aging and wrinkling. Dental implant is an easier way to get a missing tooth and keep your facial skin young and healthy.

Dental implants are quickly replacing bridges and dentures as the success rate is 98% which is quite high as compared to the success rate of bridges or dentures.

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Use These Tips To Care For Your Dental Implants

It is important to keep in mind that your dental implants are not the same as your natural teeth even though they act and look same in a number of ways. Dental implants are made of artificial materials and the manner in which they are attached to your jaw bone is also very different. So caring for them in a proper manner is really important as it increases the life of the implants.

Use antibacterial toothpaste

Antibacterial toothpastes assist protect your teeth from bacteria throughout the day. And complete protection from bacteria is a must. According to some clinical studies antibacterial toothpastes have a great effect on success of dental implant. Remember, not all toothpastes are antibacterial, so check active ingredients before buying.

Follow correct brushing and flossing technique for your dental issues

Your gums and mouth may be over sensitive just after getting the implants so to prevent plaque removal, it is recommended to use antibacterial mouth washes or as prescribed by your dentist. One or two days after the treatment you can begin to use a toothbrush with super soft bristles. You can also use interdental brush in order to clean difficult to reach areas between your teeth and floss for more hygiene and cleanliness.

Maintain oral hygiene

Cleaning and caring for dental implants is really essential, just as your natural teeth as both rely on surrounding healthy tissues for support. Removing the plaque, tartar etc. from your dental implants can assist to prevent bone loss that can create further risks for your dental implants.

Visit your dentist regularly

Decide how often you should visit your dentist to get your dental implants checked. The visits can differ depending on your particular condition, however, typically one has visit in every 3 to 6 months. Dentists can clean areas that are hard to reach. They use special tools as cleaning implants is more complicated than cleaning regular teeth.

Always keep in mind that maintain oral hygiene is important for the success of your dental implants. So, if you want to keep the looks and functionality of your implants intact, then it is highly advised that you keep in touch with your dentist and visit him regularly to keep a check of your implants and prevent any dental problem.

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Pros & Cons of Dental Implants

Pros & Cons of Dental Implants

The health of teeth and gums matters a lot and if you not going to give the right care to them, then you will be facing a lot of dental problems in the future. To start with, the healthy dental care begins at home and you must make sure that you are brushing your teeth twice a day and visiting one of the best Edmonton dentists once in every 6 months. There are many people out there who were not careful with their dental care and now facing some or the other dental problems. Thanks to the new innovations in technology, you can get many teeth and gums problems corrected by with the use of dental implants. However, you need to be careful to get the done with good and experienced Edmonton dentists.

If you are missing a tooth or you need to get your wisdom tooth extracted, then you need to get the dental implants procedure done. There are many benefits of dental implants, as they help you to get back the lost smile and confidence that might be missing due to the dental issue you are facing. There are some of the factors that you need to consider before getting dental implant done since despite their utility, dental implants are not for everyone.

1. Pros

When you are going to get the dental implant, then you will be getting rid of all the dental issues like pain in the tooth while eating your meals, speaking, drinking, and all such issues. With regular maintenance, the dental implants are going to last you for lifetime. Dental implants have been in use from the last 50 years or more and you can be sure of their reliability.

2. Cons

Thought dental implants are foolproof methods and there are not any major drawbacks, but the major drawback of the procedure is its cost. As they are not always covered by the insurance, they might cost you a lot. Here is a list of potential issues from Dental Implant Cost Guide:
• Sometime the bone doesn’t accept the implant.
• There might be pain and swelling in the area where the implant is done and some may experience bleeding also.
• Infection in the tooth or gums due to breaks and looseness.

3. Conditions

If you are facing a lot of difficulty in the tooth or gums, then the best way to curb the problem is to get an implant done. Before you get the implant done, you need to take care of the following:

• Uncontrolled Diabetes
• Cancer
• Radiation to the jaw
• Alcoholism
• Uncontrolled Gum Disease
• Smoking

Before you go ahead with the procedure, always make sure that you are getting it done with one of the best Edmonton dentists. Dental implants are a costly procedure and they must be done with precision hands. Once they are done, you can expect a lifetime of service from them.

Oral health

Importance of Including Your Gums in Your Oral Hygiene Regimen

Taking the right oral care is very much important for a healthy lifestyle. A lot of people are aware of the fact that the oral care is as important as the overall health of the body and you must make sure that you are taking all the right measures and precautions for the teeth and gums. Before you start with the right oral care, you need to understand that the gums are as important as the teeth and they also play a vital role in the overall dental health. The gingivitis is one of the major oral diseases and the sign of it that most people ignore, are the bleeding gums. There are many people out there who might be spitting blood in their basins all day long but they won’t pay a visit to their nearest dentist for the same. Bleeding gums are not a healthy sign and you must never take it lightly. Here are some easy ways to take better care of your gums right now.

1. Start by brushing your teeth in a right manner. If you are going to brush your teeth twice a day, then you may be able to avoid many of the major oral problems. This also aids in removing the paleness of the tooth and any good teeth whitening Edmonton clinic would always recommend you to brush your teeth first.

2. Majority of the people don’t brush in a right manner and they don’t brush their teeth in a proper length of time. Many of the people hardly brush for a minute and it is not enough to take care of your teeth and gums. You must brush your teeth for two minutes at least using a soft bristle tooth brush. Make sure that the toothbrush and toothpaste that you are using are approved by the dental association.

3. Apart from brushing your teeth, it is also very much important that you floss your teeth at least once a day. Flossing help you to get rid of the food particles that may be trapped in the gaps between the gums and teeth, where the toothbrush fails to reach. Always floss with a light hand and if you have any doubt in the right methods to floss, contact our dentist and he will guide you in a right manner.

4. Another common mistake that people do is using the wrong floss. You must use the fluoride floss for the same and wrap the floss around your fingers and adequately guide the floss around your teeth and slightly under your gums.

5. Avoid using too much of mouthwash as they have alcohol content in them, which might not be good for the heath of teeth and gums in the longer run. If used regularly, then the alcohol content will dry up your mouth and gums and this will cause pain and bleeding.

Always visit your dentist once in every six months for the right care of your teeth and gums.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Preventing Dental Problems Before They Start

Dental health nowadays is as important as the general health of the body and it is highly recommended that you are visiting your dentist once in every 6 months to ensure that your teeth and gums stay in the right shape. When you get them checked on regular basis, then you can be sure that if you have any problem then they will be taken care of at the early stages and this will save you a lot of time and discomfort that may be caused by the dental treatment. The new type of treatments like cosmetic dentistry also helps you to have whiter teeth while the other dental procedures at the right time will save you from the bigger issues like wisdom tooth extraction. Routine check-ups with dental professionals can help catch problems before they start – which may mean that you save time and money in the longer run.

Before you start to take the dental health on a lot serious note, you need to start the first and the most basic thing; visiting the dentist on a regular basis. Many people don’t pay a visit to their dentist even once a year and when they are faced with dire tooth problems, then they go to the dentist only to realise that it has taken a lot worse shape. Majority of the dental problems can be taken care of at very early stages if you are going to take care of the teeth and gums in a right manner. It might be very surprising for you but you can avoid many of the dental problems by brushing the teeth and flossing them in a right way. The majority of people will likely need biannual check-ups for optimal oral health. Thanks to the hectic lifestyle, people are not even giving the right importance to the kind of food they are eating and too much consumption of smoking, sweets and other foods may cause cavities, build up of plaque and tartar.

What is the benefit of regular dental check-ups?

As we all know, prevention is better than the cure and the more you are attentive with the health of the teeth and gums, the less problems you will be facing in the near future. Routine checkups will ensure that the problems are detected at their earlier stages and the dentists also guide you the right way of brushing and the steps that will be highly beneficial for you to avoid many of the dental problems. Dental health also affects the overall health of the body and with the regular checkups at the dentist’s office; you will be able to avoid the most common problems like build-up of plaque and tartar. If plaque accumulates and is not removed on timely basis then it may harden, which can aggravate your gum tissue. To avoid any such problems along with the other dental issues, it is highly recommended that you visit your dentist once in every six months.

Dental Implant Procedures

How Comfortable Are Dental Implant Procedures?

Dental implants are something many people are scared of because they think extraction of the tooth will cause them too much of pain and the entire procedure is going to last very long. Contrary to popular belief, dental implants can ease off the pain that you are facing due to the damaged tooth and gives you a proper oral health. Dental implant is a process where the wisdom and impacted teeth are extracted in order to replace them with the implants. This gives you much stronger bite and feel. Thanks to the technological advancements, you can expect lot of finesse from the dental implants, as the entire procedure is very safe and easy and you can relax after the treatment and they heal comfortably. Here are the five types of dental implants that are commonly used by the dentist – Subperiosteal Implants, Endosteal Implants, Two-Stage Dental Implants, Single-Stage Implants and Immediate Loading.

When the decomposed tooth is removed from the gum, they are often infected and that is also harmful to the bone and the roots that go deep into the gums. The patient experiences lots of pain due to this and when they realize that they are going to lose a part of their body, they get scared with the procedure. Most of the people have questions like “will they take care of me?” And “will it be worth it?” in mind before dental implant procedure and a good dentist will be able to answer all the questions that you have in mind, to ease off your doubts. Before the procedure, a thorough scan of the mouth is taken to look at the areas that might be affected with the decomposed teeth. An X-ray is taken to see the condition of the root of the tooth. Dentists ensure that they are using the best of equipments for the tooth extraction with the right skills. IV sedation, nitrous oxide, antibiotics, pain medications, tranquilizers, and steroids are all commonly used to make the process much easier.

When you get an implant, then you get the tooth back at the place from where it was taken out, but in this case, the tooth is made from a substance that is sure to last much longer than the tooth it has replaced. The infection is taken care of and you feel a lot more comfortable while eating and talking. Since all the infection from the tooth and gum is gone, you also get less irritation in the mouth. You also have the choice to select the type of implant that you want and can choose from various options. If you feel pain after the procedure then the dentist offers you ibuprofen or Tylenol that gives you relaxation from the moderation post operative pain. Before you plan a dental implant, it is very important that you choose a dentist that has years of experience. Also note that dentist don’t require special license to do the dental implant.

Dental Implants Procedure

Dental Implants Procedure: Comfortable or Not

Smiling is a significant aspect in both our professional and personal lives. Whether it is a laugh or a courteous smile, we express many emotions with our smile. However, when you are not confident about your smile because of your teeth, you might not project yourself in the best way. Thankfully, procedures like dental implants make it easier for you to get perfect set of teeth. So, no matter why your one or more tooth is missing, now you can again get perfect set of teeth with dental implants.

A dental implant is a metal frame or post that is placed in a pre-drilled socket in your jawbone beneath your gums. Once fixed, they are allowed to fasten and heal properly. It can take 3 months- 6 months, depending on the case. Lots of individuals when know that they have to undergo this treatment, they get very anxious and worried. If you also want to know that how comfortable this treatment would be, then continue reading.

According to dental experts the process of teeth extraction is harder as compared to getting dental implants, however usually people think that it is the opposite. Nevertheless, today both the procedures are extremely easy to sit through and to heal completely after the treatment, thanks to technology and medical advancements. When tooth is extracted usually, it is infected, or the bone is infected or the tooth is cracked and in most of the cases, the patient is in pain. Tooth extraction can be related to losing a body part and surgery may seem frightening.

Individuals are usually pleased with how little pain they have to go through, as compared to the fear, pain and anxiety they come with. This lesser pain and increased comfort level is because dentists take the time to understand the problem of the patient, and understand their needs, wants, fears and concerns properly. A detailed and careful treatment plan is important before dental implant procedure can be started. Dentists at Smiles Dental Group have huge experience in planning dental implant surgery. They have placed thousands of dental implants over the years.

The surgical skills and appropriate use of medications are also important in making both the procedure and results easy to handle. Steroids, tranquilizers, pain medications, antibiotics, nitrous oxide and IV sedation are all popularly used to make the process comfortable. Most bone regeneration procedures are as comfortable as the implant procedure. Soft tissue regeneration can cause slight pain after the procedure. However, with pain relievers these conditions can be easily handled.

In shorts the procedure is quite comfortable with only a few discomforts that can easily be handled. But, you can enjoy the advantages for years to come. So, don’t let myths or inhibitions stop you from getting perfect set of teeth and a beautiful smile. Visit Smiles Dental Group today for more details.

Dental Implant - tooth replacement

Dental Implant Frequently Asked Questions

Dental implant is a great, long lasting solution for people suffering from missing, decayed, damaged or broken teeth. This treatment is known to give naturally beautiful smile, however there are several steps involved. Due to this, it is recommended that one should know everything about dental implantation before undergoing this treatment.

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about dental implants.

What are dental implants?

Implants are made of titanium allow and are placed in jawbone where they serve the role of a tooth’s root. Dental implants nicely support dentures, fixed bridges or crowns. Titanium is a lightweight yet strong material and is used particularly in implants because it has ability to bond with bone, creating long lasting support.

Everyone can get dental implants or not?

Patients don’t get qualified for dental implants just because they have a missing tooth. There are specific requirements for a patient to be considered for implants. Some of the basic requirements include:

General oral health: A patient’s overall oral health, particularly the condition of their other teeth and gums should be in nice condition in order for dental implants to be effective. Tooth decay, broken teeth or gum disease if present, should be treated before implantation can start.

Oral health maintenance: maintaining oral health after the dental implant is also an important concern. Success rate will depend on the ability of the patient to keep their gums and teeth clean after treatment. Your dentist will suggest you a cleaning schedule and he will advice you on ways to care for your new implants.

What are the advantages of dental implants over more traditional tooth replacement?

Conventional forms of dental prosthetics like dentures, bridges and crowns give patients with enough tooth replacement, but implants give patients with long-lasting, stable support. Thus patients are able to speak and eat with ease. Additionally, as implants don’t rely on support from surrounding teeth, patients experience improved overall dental health.

Is there any age limit for dental implants?

A fixed age limit on dental implants is not an important factor because each individual has different bone growth. During implantation, implants are placed in the jaw bone, so bone growth is a crucial factor and age is not. Kids and some adults are not suitable for treatment as their bones are still growing. So, your dentist won’t recommend you this treatment until your bone growth is not complete.

What is the success rate of implants?

An implant can’t be guaranteed, however this procedure is tested and candidates have experienced 95% success rate in past decade. Implants are known to last for 30 years. Oral health maintenance is essential for enduring success.

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Myths and facts about tooth decay

Myths and facts about tooth decay

Great dental care starts by regulating what you eat. At least this is what dentists say, but how many of you actually listen to your dentist’s advice? A number of studies show that people don’t listen to their dentists when it comes to cavities. Therefore, numerous myths have become popular belief.

Here we are listing a few facts and myths about tooth decay and cavities.

Myth: Only sugar causes cavities

It is one of the most popular myths about dental cavities. Cavities occur when bacteria produces acids in the mouth. The process can begin by any carb that you consume. That includes sugar, fruits, vegetables, rice and bread. Any combination of these food products can activate bacteria in your mouth to create unwanted acids.

Fact: Acid causes tooth decay

Acidic foods, even coffee can deteriorate your enamel, and thus your teeth become more prone to decay. In order to reduce chances of tooth decay, you should not only practice good dental care but also limit your intake of acidic products in a day.

Myth: As compared to adults kids are more prone to cavities

This is a myth. Tooth decay and cavities have nothing to do with the age of a person. What type of dental regime you follow and what all you eat, are highly correlated with the tooth decay. So, by controlling what you eat and following a strict and effective dental regime, you can keep cavities at bay no matter how young or old you are.

Myth: You can ease your tooth pain by placing an aspiring on affected area

For pain relief you have to swallow aspirin. Aspirin is acidic, so if it comes in contact with your teeth then it can be really harmful. It can cause abscesses and burn the gums if kept inside the mouth for longer period.

Myth: Limit snacks to stop tooth decay.

It is a myth that by limiting your snacks you can stop cavities. However, it is not a bad idea to limit intake of sweets because too much sweets can alter your blood sugar. The problem is not the snacks but what you eat in snacks. So, eat whenever you feel hungry, by not eating you may be depriving your body of nutrition. Healthy snacks include healthy proteins and fats.

Fact: Treatment stops decay

It is true that once you treat tooth decay, the cavity spot disappears. By taking good care of your mouth you can keep that particular spot gone forever.

Myth: You will know when you have a cavity

This is so not true. You can detect cavities only if you experience some pain or discomfort, and usually this happens when it has spread to a great area. But initially, you may not realize that you have a cavity. Thus, timely and regular checkups are crucial. Regular checkups can detect cavities long before they cause pain or discomfort and become very clear.

dental implants in Edmonton

Know it all about dental implants here

Today, dental implants have become really popular because dental implants performed by an experienced dentist give you the much required boost in terms of confidence, convenience and comfort. However, even today only a few people are aware of this revolutionary latest technique to get a missing tooth back. Thus, here we are listing a few really important things about dental implants restoration that will help you know almost everything about this method of restoration of dental function.

What is dental implant?

Dental implant is a metallic root of a tooth. A dental implant dentist places it in the bone of your jaw and allows it to heal in the bone till the time the bone-implant union is durable enough to hold a prosthetic tooth. Titanium is used for manufacturing the implant, as it is a very well tolerated metal by the human body.

How dental implant is used to replace missing tooth?

When you are considering using a dental implant to replace missing tooth, firstly, you dentist will determine if you have sufficient supporting bone to effectively place a dental implant to support a prosthetic tooth. The implant is placed inside the bone through a surgical procedure to make sure that the implant won’t be rejected by your body. Gum tissue is cut, to place the implant in the bone. After implant is placed in the bone, the gum tissue is sewed up. The implant is then allowed to heal in the bone for at least a few months until the union is sturdy enough to support the prosthetic tooth.

What type of dentist should I see?

It is important that you choose an experienced, skilled, qualified and trained dentist for dental implant restoration in Sherwood Park, Edmonton. Make sure that the dentist you hire has complete knowledge of dental implants and provides personalized dental services.

How much it will cost you?

Generally it costs around $1500-$2000. Though, prices can differ according to your present dental condition.

Is this a permanent solution to tooth loss?

Yes, these are considered to be a permanent solution. However, the success of this method depends a lot on the skills and experience of your dentist. In some cases, the implant doesn’t integrate and get lost. Also, sometimes, the restoration will have to be serviced or repaired.

Is dental implant appropriate for everyone?

Mostly everyone can have dental implant restoration done, but people who have serious psychological problems or have uncontrolled diabetes are not suitable candidates for dental implants. Individuals missing a large amount of bone are not good candidate for dental implants. However, bone grafts can be used to replace the missing bone, so that dental implant procedure can be performed.

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