What Can You Do When Your Child Has A Dental Emergency?

Excerpt: Dental problems are often distressing for adults and even worse for kids. When your kid goes through immense dental pain, you are equally disturbed and upset.

Dental problems are often distressing for adults and even worse for kids. When your kid goes through immense dental pain, you are equally disturbed and upset. Approximately one-third of all children experience some type of dental trauma in their lives and a large percentage of these experience dental emergencies.

There are two risk periods for dental trauma among kids –

  1. Toddlerhood (18-40 months) is when they start exploring the environment and take a bite of everything around them.
  2. The preadolescent/adolescent period, when kids challenge various sporting injuries.

Let’s have a look at some dental emergencies that are quite common amongst kids.


Toothache is the most common of all dental problems that children of all ages undergo. Most often kids experience toothaches when they do not brush their teeth properly or when they skip brushing their teeth at times. The food particles which stay in their mouth and particularly in their teeth start decaying their teeth. Their immune system is very susceptible to ingesting infection easily. Some common causes of toothache include tooth fractures, tooth trauma, tooth decay, and wisdom teeth eruption (adolescence). If your child is facing any swelling because of toothache, then you can apply a cold compress to the affected area to reduce swelling. You should then immediately contact a pediatric dentist to seek professional advice.

Knocked-out teeth (Dental Avulsion)

It is important to contact a pediatric dentist immediately if a tooth has been knocked out of your child’s mouth. A pediatric dentist will not attempt to reimplant avulsed primary teeth, because the reimplantation procedure can itself cause damage to your kid’s tooth bud, and thereby damage the emerging permanent tooth. If the trauma has caused irreparable damage, then the pediatric dentist will have to try to reimplant the avulsed permanent teeth. Moreover, if the reimplantation procedure is performed within an hour of the avulsion, then it is always more successful. Therefore, time is very crucial to reimplant the avulsed tooth.

Dental Concussion

A tooth that has received a bang or knock, but has not dislodged from its socket or has not fractured can be described as a ‘concussion’. This condition typically occurs in toddlers. A dental concussion can cause the tooth to discolor permanently or temporarily. The tooth starts turning black or dark. You should consult a dentist if your kid experiences pain and his tooth starts turning dark.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

A chipped or broken tooth requires immediate medical attention, even if the damaged tooth is not a permanent one. Once a tooth is chipped off half or broken completely, bacteria can enter the tooth’s nerve and cause infection. The dentist will seal the enamel to keep the bacteria out and ward off infection. Furthermore, if you are able to locate the broken piece of the broken tooth, then put it in a glass of milk and take it to the dentist. There are chances that the broken piece can be reattached.

These are some dental emergencies that frequently appear in children, for which you should immediately contact or visit a dentist.

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