How to tell if you have a cavity in your teeth

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How Do I Know If My Teeth Have Cavities?

Cavities come with a few major symptoms that you can spot at home. Here are some of the more common symptoms that can show up.

Unusual Bad Breath

The first thing you will be noticing is an unusual bad breath from the mouth even after brushing the teeth. If you are experiencing bad breath the whole day, then it is time to get the teeth checked at the dentist. Along with the bad breath, if you are also getting a rotten taste in the mouth before and after eating the meals, then it is an indication that your teeth need a check-up. It is always best to get the cavities checked at an early stage to keep them from spreading up

Tooth Sensitivity

if you are feeling a piercing feeling when you sip something cold and hot, then you have to get the teeth checked on an immediate basis. Make sure that you are getting the teeth in the areas checked and not a particular tooth. When the teeth start to decompose and the outer layer gets all the beating, then the inner sensitive layer of the teeth is exposed to the heat and cold and thus you feel the painful sensation.

Irregular Spots On Your Teeth

If you see some spots on the teeth, then that might also be an indication of the cavity. Due to the prolonged damage, the teeth develop spots and very tiny holes at the surface that expose the sensitive area of the teeth and it is very harmful to the health of the tooth in the longer run. If you see some of the spots at the teeth even after brushing, then visit your dentist and get them checked. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry.
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