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Excerpt: Gums are incredibly important to your health, they don’t just affect your dental health, gums are crucial to your overall physical health. Gum problems have been linked to...

Gums are incredibly important to your health, they don’t just affect your dental health, gums are crucial to your overall physical health. Gum problems have been linked to everything from oral diseases to lung health! There’s even evidence linking gum disease to heightened levels of inflammation throughout the entire body (which is bad). First, we’ll talk about the complications of gum disease, then we’ll go over some tactics to keep them as healthy as you can.

Gums and your overall health

There have been studies linking gum health to complications on overall health.
  • Heart Health – Advanced gum disease has been linked to an increase in levels of inflammation throughout the whole body. This may lead to an increased risk of stroke and/or heart disease since these are often caused by inflammation.
  • Lung Health – It’s possible to negatively impact your lungs with unhealthy gums. If you have advanced gum disease, some studies suggest you can increase your risk of respiratory infection. This is believed to be caused by inhaling bacteria into the lungs.
  • Nutritional Health – If it’s painful or awkward for you to eat, you might have trouble eating enough healthy food to get the proper amount of vitamins and minerals. This problem will compound itself as your gums need healthy food to stay healthy.
  • Emotional Health – A healthy smile is a happy smile, if you don’t like the way your smile looks you may be prone to avoid things like pictures, or meeting new people. This can have a huge impact on your emotional health. 
  • Bad Breath (Halitosis) – This issue can be caused by unhealthy gums. Keeping your gums healthy will almost certainly improve this issue, if it is one.
Having healthy gums won’t fix all your problems, but it will definitely improve your quality of life. As we get older our bodies will often deteriorate faster, if you’re having gum disease issues when you’re younger, will almost certainly translate into more serious problems when your older.

How do I know my gums are not healthy?

If you want to know how to spot unhealthy gums there are some things to look for:

  • Bleeding gums – If you are experiencing bleeding gums, try brushing more softly, if the problem still persists, it may be an indication of a problem.
  • Swollen/puffy gums – This is an early indication that something is wrong. You may have food stuck between your gums, or it could be something even worse.
  • Painful/sore gums – Are your gums hurting for no apparent reason? Definitely get them checked out right away if this is persistent.

Keep your gums fit & healthy

Now that we went over why it’s important to keep gums healthy, here’s how you can do it:
  • Brush twice a day – Brush your gums and tongue as well as your teeth.
  • Replace your tooth brush – Your bristles can get worn out, replace it ever 2-3 months.
  • Use mouthwash – The liquid mouthwash will have an easier time getting to the hard to reach spots in your gums and between your teeth.
  • Eat a balanced diet – It’s difficult to eat too many fruits and vegetables, eat more, more often.
  • Take a multivitamin – Just in case you may not be getting enough, these will help out.
  • Quit smoking and tobacco – Quitting tobacco is an incredibly challenging thing to do, but there are so many health and financial benefits it’s hard to deny the upside.
  • Say no to drugs – Never try illegal drugs, speed, meth, cocaine, etc. all have very well known health implications (not to mention legal issues). These drugs will certainly destroy your health and teeth. There’s a very good reason these drugs are illegal.
  • Regular checkups – Gum disease doesn’t happen over night, generally, it’s a long-term progression, your dentist can help you keep your gums healthy.
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