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Why Should Some Wisdom Teeth Be Removed?

There are times when you face a lot of issues due to the certain tooth in the mouth that causes you a lot of discomfort. Wisdom tooth is often the most problem causing tooth in the mouth if the health of it is neglected in the longer run. Luckily, the dentist now can determine the wisdom tooth extraction and will make the extraction process as simple and comfortable as possible. To start with, a majority of the people have wisdom teeth in the upper and lower part of the jaws and there might be several ones out there who might not be having wisdom teeth in their mouth. Many people develop the wisdom teeth at very late stage also. There are many times when wisdom teeth do not cause any sort of discomfort and they don’t need to be removed at all. Here are some of the problems that cause wisdom tooth extraction.

  • There might be not enough space in your mouth for the wisdom teeth and in that case, it causes the other teeth to break through the gums. This impact can be very painful and it may lead to infection, cyst, or even tooth damage.
  • In most of the cases, the wisdom tooth comes at a certain angle and this causes a lot of pain in the gums and the surrounding teeth. It also makes brushing the teeth a very difficult process for many people.
  • They might also break partially in the gum and this may result in the food particles trapping in the gap between the gums and the teeth.
  • There are times when you don’t experience any problems with the wisdom tooth, but many of the dentists might still recommend wisdom tooth extraction as it might develop problems in the future for some people.

What to expect during wisdom teeth extraction?

Wisdom tooth extraction can be a very painful process for some if it is not done in a right manner and it is highly recommended that you are visiting a good dentist with years of experience for the procedure. Most of the time the removal of the tooth is fairly simple and the dentist will do it on a local anaesthetic or N2O. If you are having more complications in the wisdom teeth, then the procedure might take more time as the dentist might have to evaluate and he may need to cut through the gums and remove part of the jawbone to reach the tooth. There might be a bit of bleeding from the gums and the dentist will put the medicated cotton in your mouth to curb the same.

In most of the cases, the wisdom tooth extraction will take only few minutes and you might be able to walk away home without any discomfort. However, if you are having multiple tooth problems, then you might feel slight discomfort and the dentist will issue you standard painkillers. Normally, two wisdom teeth per appointment will be the maximum.