Mouth Guards

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What is a mouth guard?

Mouthguards or mouth protectors assist cushion a blow to the face, reducing the risk of injuries to your tongue, lips, jaw or face and broken teeth. They usually cover the upper teeth and work wonderfully in protecting the soft tissues of your cheek lining, lips and tongue. Learning how to prevent such injuries is even more important if you participate in recreational activities or organized sports.

When it comes to protecting your mouth, a mouthguard is an important piece of athletic wear that should be part of your typical equipment from a young age. This might sound surprising, but studies show that athletes are 60 times more at risk to get teeth or mouth injury if they are not wearing a mouth guard.

A mouth guard is a carefully made, rubber like cover, which covers your teeth and gums, cushioning them and avoiding any injury. The other terms used interchangeably for mouthguards include: bite plane, bite splint, night guard, gum guard, gum shield, mouth piece, mouth protector etc.

When to use a mouth guard?

  • Dental trauma:

Used in sports where intentional or accidental attacks may cause damage to the mouth, jaw or face.

Mouthguards may also reduce or prevent levels of concussion in case of an injury to the jaw

However, even with proper use, effectiveness in preventing dental injuries is not complete, and injuries can still happen even when mouthguards are used as people are not sure of the best fit, which unavoidably result in an improper fit.

  • Oral medicine

Used to deliver topical medication

Used to prevent grinding of teeth

Used as splints to limit joint issues

  • Aesthetics

Protection for porcelain veneers at night

Teeth bleaching

  • Orthodontics

As a substitute for acrylic plates and brackets

From where to purchase a mouth guard?

There is no better place than Smiles Dental Group. We provide custom made mouthguards for proper fit. So, you can rest assured of more protection to your teeth, jaws and brain.

What is the average life of mouth guards?

Mouth guards usually have a nice life span. But, if you are young there is a probability of movement of teeth causing the mouth guards to get loose or tight. So, you have to replace your mouth guards sooner or later. In adults, the replacement is not required so frequently. Remember, like other sports equipments even mouth guards can get damaged so they must be changed according to the requirement.

Tips to take care of your mouth guard?

Brush with a toothbrush and toothpaste before and after each use or at least rinse them well

You can also clean the mouth guard in soapy, cool water, sometimes

Don’t leave the mouth guard in the hot water or sun

Keep checking for wear and tear

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