Cosmetic Dentistry Edmonton

Find Out What A Cosmetic Dentist Can Do For You

Your smile is considered as one of your most amazing facial features. Thus, if you have crooked, damaged or discolored teeth, the way you come across to other people can be affected. A damaged tooth can also affect your speaking and eating ability and it can also decrease your self confidence. You can forget about all your dental problems when you visit a cosmetic dentist. Here is what a cosmetic dentist can do for you:

Lengthens small teeth:

If you have small teeth and you think that they are affecting not only your looks but self-confidence, you can visit cosmetic dentist for a remedy. Dental veneers will be bonded to each tooth surface, changing the length and shape of each tooth. Your dentist will customize your veneers according to the size, shape and color of your teeth.

Straightens crooked or misaligned teeth:

Not everybody is born with perfectly aligned teeth. If you are one of those people and you are not happy with your teeth, then contact cosmetic dentist today. Cosmetic dentist can recommend braces. You can opt for the clear braces for greater comfort.

Restores damaged teeth:

The teeth are used for a number of purposes, thus they are prone to wear and tear. You can see the damages on your teeth when chips began to appear or there is discoloration or cracks. A cosmetic dentist can do a procedure like binding or he can also use porcelain veneers to cover the damage to enhance the look. If your teeth are highly damaged, dental crowns would be recommended. These will give natural looking teeth restoration which gives structure and support.

Reshapes teeth:

If some of your teeth have oddly shapes, too pointy, or are worn down, you can have them reshaped by a cosmetic dentist. Porcelain veneers are generally used as they as they are easy to customize.

Whitens teeth:

Today, tooth whitening is the most famous cosmetic dentistry procedure done today. You can also use DIY remedies, to get whiter teeth, but if you want instant results, zoom teeth whitening is the best procedure. Zoom teeth whitening is highly recommended as it is safer and lot effective. Cosmetic dentists provide various in-office or take home teeth whitening treatments for their clients to have stain free, brightened smiles.

Replaces missing teeth:

If you have lost one of more teeth, then you can restore your smile with the assistance of a cosmetic dentist. They can help you get a perfect set of teeth even if you have lost all your teeth. Different natural looking tooth restorations dental bridges, dental implants, and dental crowns can be used. These have different functions and cost so remember to discuss with your dentist about the best option for you.

A cosmetic dentist can provide different treatments to restore your teeth and to give you a brighter smile. Thus, when you want to get a captivating smile or your teeth to be restored, do visit Smiles Dental Group.