Dental Invisalign

Your Guide To Invisalign

You are interested in making your smile better, but don’t want to get those visible metal braces on your teeth? Worry not, invisalign braces are your solution.

What is invisalign?

Metal braces used to be the very prescriptive and painful treatment for misaligned teeth and teeth gaps. With advancing technology come novel methods and ways to correct misaligned teeth. Today, the most sought choice is invisalign aligners.

These aligners are made of clear, plastic and removable materials that are customized to correct teeth alignment. It is a modern and simple solution to straightening your teeth without any metal wires. Durable, smooth and clear plastic is custom molded into a set of almost invisible aligners that get fixed over your teeth. Every two weeks the set of aligners are exchanged for a new set that slowly bring your teeth to their correct positions.

These are removable so you can take them out in cases like brushing, flossing and eating. With invisalign, you can get your teeth properly aligned, and be able to keep that gorgeous smile without the requirement for traditional metal wire braces.

How invisalign is better than traditional braces:

When considering the pros and cons of these aligners, you will need to consult with your Smiles Dental Group dentist to discuss what is best for you.

Invisalign provides various advantages over traditional braces:

  • They are invisible: The main advantage of these aligners is that they are invisible. So, your partner, friends and employer will not see a mouth full of metallic wires when you smile.
  • Invisalign is comfortable: Though these can cause mild discomfort in starting, most patients find it a lot comfortable to wear as compared to traditional braces, which can cause scratch and often make eating very painful.
  • Invisalign are removable: The fact that you can take off these aligners for dental care and meals is another great reason patients prefer it over metal braces.

Can anyone get invisalign?

No matter what is your age, if your adult teeth are completely grown, invisalign is an option. No matter whatever be the problem, these can assist you straighten your teeth without affecting your smile or look.

Invisalign treatment and cost:

Invisalign aligners can cost you up to 20-50% more than traditional methods of treatments. In most of the cases, the price involved is comparatively in the same level with that of metallic braces. The final price of treatment also depends on a number of factors like the degree of the repositioning work to be done on your teeth and this impacts the number of aligners that need to be customized for you