Foods For Your Teeth

The Good And Bad Foods For Your Teeth

Since very childhood we have been told that chocolates and candies are harmful for teeth. Is it really true? Moreover, are these the only things that are harmful of your teeth or there are more foods that you should avoid eating? And are there any food items that you should eat to keep your teeth healthy? Let’s find answers to these questions.

Eat this: milk, nuts, meat and cheese

Some of the best foods you can include in your diet for your oral health are milk, nuts, meats and cheese. These food items are rich in phosphorous and calcium, two minerals that play a crucial role in keeping your tooth enamel strong. When you eat these foods you allow the minerals in them to redeposit onto your teeth and into your tooth enamel. This process is remineralization.

Not that: starch and white flour

Starchy foods like crackers, white pasta, white break and potato chips are high in sugar than whole wheat alternatives. If not cleaned just after eating, the sugar will result in harmful acids that can harm teeth as well as gums.

Eat this: crunch vegetables and fruits

Crunchy vegetables and fruits are a healthy snack for your teeth as the content of water is high which dilutes their natural sugars. Vegetables and fruits that have a high content of water are also known to boost saliva production which also assists in cleaning the mouth. Also, it creates a barrier between teeth and destructive acids.

Not that: acidic foods and citrus fruits

If acidic foods like pickles, oranges, limes and lemons are consumed in excess or kept in the mouth for longer time, the acids in them can harm the enamel. This erosion of enamel affects the strength of the teeth and can make them more susceptible to decay and sensitivity.

Drink this: Water

When it comes to health of your mouth water is the best drink. Studies suggest that by regularly drinking water with some amount of fluoride can prevent cavities up to 25% more than regular water. Drinking water all through the day in regular intervals can also assist to wash away acids and sugar from foods that are present on and in between teeth. This prevents the buildup of dangerous bacteria and plaque that live on these acids and can harm tooth enamel and gum tissue.

Not that: Sugary drinks and soda

Be very careful of what you eat throughout the day. Constantly sipping on drinks that have high sugar content means continuous exposure to damaging acids all day long. This can cause quicker tooth decay and probably other oral issues like canker sores.

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