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Can Thumb Sucking Ruin Your Baby’s Teeth

Thumb sucking is a very common habit and a huge number of kids have this habit of sucking their thumb. But for parents, this habit of their kid can be really worrisome, especially if the habit continues for long period of time. Parents fear that this habit will ruin the shape of their bundle of joy. There is lot of confusion and debates on this topic that how thumb sucking is related to the baby’s teeth?

There are mainly two factors that will decide if sucking on a thumb will impact a baby’s teeth: age and intensity. Most of the pediatric dentists believe that thumb sucking is not harmful for baby’s teeth. However, if the kid continues to suck his or her by the time of their permanent teeth in place, the matter will need to be addressed. This generally happens when your kid of six years old. After the baby teeth have fallen out, the risk of damage becomes permanent and requires orthodontic treatment. A child sucking who keeps sucking his thumb after permanent teeth are in their place then it could probably bend the teeth out of its place, causing buck teeth.

There is an issue that could impact the kid before the permanent teeth growing in. The damage to teeth can be affected by the amount of sucking action. Sucking powerfully from first day will have an affect on the teeth’s position and mouth’s shape before the permanent teeth show up. Occasional sucking with low intensity won’t cause this issue. So, you should keep a check that how often the child is sucking his thumb.

While the risk to teeth of a child is minimal before permanent teeth appear, it is best if your kid leaves the habit upon entering kindergarten. It is a good idea to lessen pacifier use and thumb sucking before your kid gets permanent teeth. Continuous thumb sucking can cause issues with the front teeth leaning outwards or not developing correctly. Pediatric dentists suggest that you should give positive reinforcement to your child when don’t suck their thumb will prove more helpful that scolding them when they suck their thumb.

You should consult pediatric dentist for help. Another helpful method is to put socks or gloves on the hands of your baby, especially when they are sleeping. There are many more options; however they are more strict ways of solving this problem and can be painful and discomforting for your child.

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