Baby bottle tooth decay

Your guide to baby bottle tooth decay

For every new parent, there are several health concerns for a baby, including proper dental care. An infant has their first baby tooth come out in their gum tissue at approximately 6 months before others can be seen within about 2 years. Usually, parents don’t think that dental care is important at such an early age, but it is a wrong thinking. Poor eating habits like drinking milk or juice all night can cause bottle mouth, also called as baby bottle tooth decay. Additionally, having objects in the baby’s mouth all the time can cause their teeth to move to the wrong positions, leading to poor dental alignment.

Causes and preventions:

In kids, premature tooth decay happens when teeth are exposed to sweet drinks for long periods of time. It is a normal practice of most of the parents that they place the baby in the baby seat or crib with a bottle of formula or milk or highly sugared fruit juice. When baby falls asleep with the bottle in the mouth, parents follow the self created parenting rule of not waking a sleeping baby and let the bottle to be in the baby’s mouth while baby sleeps.

Even if the bottle is removed from baby’s mouth before sleeping, baby’s saliva flows off during sleep so teeth don’t get the spit bath that assists to wash away the sugar during the waking time. The sugary liquid remains inside baby’s mouth and comes in touch with the gums and teeth, getting in contact with the bacteria in the mouth to create a type of acid that eats away at the teeth. A nice option would be to give baby a bottle of water when he is going to bed. Avoiding sugar dipped pacified or foods would also assist prevent early tooth decay.

Generally, baby’s tooth decay is first seen in the front upper teeth. But, the other teeth may also be decayed. There is a huge importance of baby teeth. Apart from the very obvious reasons of eating and speaking, the teeth also act as a blueprint toward holding spaces for permanent teeth to come out when ready.

Severely decayed baby teeth may cause infection, unnecessary pain, and may need removal to prevent it from spreading to other teeth. Maintaining the first teeth of a baby is crucial to keep your baby healthy and happy.

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