Tooth Replacement Options - Dental Implants

Tooth Replacement Options

Many of the adults have lost one or more teeth or might have teeth that are not according to the way they like it to be. Badly formed or missing teeth can make your chewing process difficult, can put a dent on your self confidence and can even impact the way you speak. Dr. Clark, St Albert dentist directory, states it is always advisable to go for tooth replacement options rather than facing such situations. The advancement in the dental science over the last decade gives you lo many options to choose from to have the kind of teeth you desire. Here are you options.

  1. Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most preferred choices when it comes to corrective teeth. Putting a dental implant requires a surgery that involves putting a replacement tooth, called a crown in the place of the original tooth. It gives you the exact appearance of the natural teeth and makes the whole tooth replacement procedure more secure. The sedation dentistry this implants as they do not affect the adjacent teeth in the mouth. They are more secure than the removal dentures.

  1. Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is used to fix a partial denture. They get their name because they are use to bridge the gap between the missing tooth and the teeth surrounding it. The dentist will bond the teeth with the rest using a proper fixture. They are also the most preferred option in the dental replacement along with putting the crown. Many of the Edmonton dentist open Sunday so you can also get the replacement done on the day.

The bridges have the following choices:

  • Removable bridges

As the name suggests they can be removed for cleaning and you can put them back again.

  • Implant Bridges

Implant bridges are attached to the dental implants and can be made up of gold, alloys or porcelain. They are used to fill up the gap and maintain the shape of your face and aid in chewing of the food. Due to the right implant, they also make your smile look better and add up in your confidence.

  1. Dental Dentures

This option is for people who have lost all or most of their teeth. The dentures are artificial teeth that are made according to the shape of your mouth to give you the set of teeth. The dentures are mainly of two types:

  • Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are used when you have no teeth in your mouth. They are used to cover the upper and lower of your gums. If you have got your teeth removed for the fitment of dentures, then the dentist will give you a denture to wear for few weeks until your gums get healed.

  • Over Dentures

These dentures are used as a part of the teeth. They are implanted to cover the area in mouth that has no teeth. They are used to provide the additional support to the rest of the teeth.