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Tips For The Sparkling Smile

Everyone wants a sparkling smile. It not only makes you smile bright but also makes you look lively. According to the recent survey done by the dental clinic in Edmonton many people try different methods to have a sparkling white smile without spending much on it. Researchers have a theory that if you have whiter teeth then you are more likely to interact with a stranger with positive results. The approach with pale and discolored teeth will have a negative effect for sure. Here are the ways you can make your teeth a shade lighter.

  • Flossing

Regular flossing helps you to get rid of the food particles that are not removed by brushing. Too much of the food deposits will lead to decay and then you may have to consult dental crown services for the repair and addition of on the teeth. Flossing reach the crevices in the teeth and the spaces between the gums and teeth and helps you to clean out the particles that may result in staining.

  • Calcium and Vitamin C intake

Having a diet that is full of calcium and vitamin C helps you to have stronger teeth. The strong teeth are proportionally related to the whiter shade. Having a diet that includes a balanced amount of all the needed nutrients helps you to stay away from tooth decay, tartar, plaque that may result in staining in the longer period of time. According to the American Dental Association having calcium in the intake makes your jawbone strong and aids in the overall strength of the teeth.

  • Right diet

Avoiding drinks such as too much of tea and coffee is always helpful as they make teeth discolored. Smoking is also a major cause of making teeth in a shade of grey. Discoloration then results in the decay of the teeth and then you may need a crown to support. In dental crown Edmonton, they suggest you a diet that is good for the oral health.

  • Bleaching

Another tried and trusted method to white teeth is bleaching. The bleaching can be done at any good dental clinic in Edmonton under the supervision of an expert dentist. The right concentration of whiteners along with the correct amount of OTC is used with the laser technology to make the teeth white. The procedure takes about an hour to complete and the results stays for the longer duration of time.

  • Home methods

Many people also stick to the home methods to make teeth white. You can start by using the whitening toothpastes that are available in the market. Make sure that they are approved by the ADC (American Dental Association) you can also use the whitening strips that are available in the market that needs you to apply the concentrated solution and stick them to the teeth for a desired period of time. But always remember to visit the dentist once every 4 months and consult them before trying things at home.