Tooth Problems

Some of the Common Tooth Problems

If you have a healthy mouth, a healthy body will follow. If you ignore your tooth and gum health, then it will results in many problems. An ignored mouth can result in severe conditions like heart diseases and stroke. According to Dr. Clark, dentist in Edmonton southside, some simple strategies can work a lot in improving the health of the teeth and gums an can help you avoid gum diseases like gingivitis, periodontitis, cavities and some normal tooth problems like tartar, bad breath etc. There are many dental clinic facilities that guide you for the betterment of the teeth care.

  • How to prevent Gum diseases

According to Dr. Ross, dentist in St Albert, more than 30% of the people are suffering from one or the other dental problems but they don’t know anything about it. If you maintain a good oral care, that’s the first basic step in avoiding many gum diseases. Brushing your teeth twice daily followed by flossing is the best way to have a healthy oral care. You can also use mouthwash between the meals for the added benefit. Apart form all this you have to maintain proper eating habits and have to avoid too much of sugar intake and smoking. People who are chain smokers and who have diabetes have more chances to get oral problems than the people who don’t. The dentists in Sherwood park recommends getting your teeth checked once in every 4 months.

  • Avoiding cavities

Teeth and gum diseases can be quite painful if the oral health is neglected over time. According to Dr. Clark of dental clinic in Edmonton, practicing for more than 25 years and having immense experience in the field of dental science, most of the people ignore the positives of a good oral care and tend to act careless. This results in various diseases starting with the cavities. Many people who are in a habit of consuming too much sugar and sodas should avoid them as it contains enamel harming substances. Apart from this, the regular smokers are also in the risk of getting their teeth discolored. Smoking for longer duration of time may result in cavities. The smoke of the cigarette dries away the saliva that you have in the mouth which is required to wash away the bacteria in them mouth.

  • Avoiding pains

Many adults face some oral pain. It may be in the form of tooth pain, pain in the gums, pain in the jaw, facial pain, headache and pain in the neck. The dental clinic facilities states that the reason behind all this is ignored oral care. To avoid certain pain, you need to take care of the teeth and gums and visit your dentist in case of any pain and bleeding in the gums. There are many good dental clinic in Edmonton that might be able to guide you towards the best oral care.