Oral Health Statistics

Oral Health Statistics That Will Shock You

Probability is high that you have an oral health problem. Experts suggest that may be as much as 96% of the adult population suffers from one or the other gum disease. Lots of studies have been conducted to find about the awareness of individuals about their oral health. And the results were shocking.

These were the key findings of the oral health survey:

  1. 17% of Canadians avoid going to a dental professional because of the cost in the last year
  2. 12% of Canadians avoid certain foods because of problems with their teeth or mouth.
  3. 74% of Canadians have seen a dental professional in the last year
  4. 12% of Canadians report that they had ongoing pain in their mouth

Clearly, from the statistics we can say that there is something very wrong. In Canada, 57% of children, 59% of adolescents and 96% of adults have been affected by tooth decay. If you have also been suffering from any such condition like pain in your mouth, severe sensation in teeth when you drink or eat something really cold and hot, then without a delay you should see your dentist and get the treatment before the problem gets worse.