Dental Emergencies - Things to look out for

Dental Emergencies: Things to look out for

Injuries to tooth and the gums should never be taken on a lighter note. If ignored, they can turn into bigger problems and then you might face some severe issues. It is always advisable to take care of the teeth that came out suddenly, commonly known as knocked out teeth, forced out of the socket or fractured. Apart from the teeth, you gums need proper care and attention from time to time too. When dental emergencies are ignored, they can lead to painful outcomes. It is always advisable to visit any dental clinic in Edmonton in case of any oral problems.

  1. Tooth knocked out

This is often the most experienced dental emergencies in various homes. In case of a teeth getting knocked off, immediately call the nearest dentist and rush to the clinic. Till then, make sure that you are handing the knocked out tooth with the crown and not by the root. Many people hold the broken tooth by the root and they unknowingly damage the tissues attached to the root. These tissues are important for planting the tooth back into the socket. If there is any dirt on the tooth, gently wash away with water without rubbing it.

If possible, keep the tooth back into the socket from where it came off. It is important for the tooth to be moist. Keeping the tooth in the mouth keeps it moist. If the person is having difficulty in doing so, you can wrap the tooth in a soft cloth, or immerse it in a bowl full of milk.

  1. Tooth pushed out of position

If you fell down and got your tooth out of the position, then try to push it back into the socket with light finger pressure. Keep pressures on the tooth using the jaw force to keep it in place and rush to the dentist immediately.

  1. Fractured tooth

If your tooth is fractured and you feel immense pain, first rinse the mouth with warm water. Put an ice on the side to reduce the swelling on the gums. If the pain persists, use ibuprofen to subside the pain. Immediately get an appointment from the dentist and rush to the clinic. The fracture can be of two types:

  • Minor fracture

If the fracture is minor, it can be smoothed out by the dentist. After the procedure, you have to take prescribed medicines.

  • Major fracture

If the fracture is major one, then may have caused damage to the enamel, nerve tissues and the dentin. If they are not severely damaged, then the tooth can be restored with a permanent crown. However if the tooth is fractured too much, then there are always a slim chances of tooth recovery.

  1. Injured tissue

There are times when you bite the insides of the mouth that result in the tissue injury. This can be taken care by any dental clinic in Edmonton. Make sure that the wound is washed with warm water immediately.